Natalie Portman’s Midriff Was the Most Important Part of Attack of the Clones

Natalie Portman’s Midriff Was the Most Important Part of Attack of the Clones

Look, this movie had a lot of things going for it. Christopher Lee was in it. It was anti-Semitic. It depicted Asians as orientalist bugmen. We learn that storm-troopers are from New Zealand. Based black guy with a grape lightsaber. Mass infantry proves that skilled warriors are obsolete in battle. Lots of things.

And then there was that gladiator battle. Oh man. That’s what carried this Star Wars film, almost entirely. I’m talking about Natalie Portman’s midriff. I can’t imagine Attack of the Clones without Natalie Portman’s midriff. It wouldn’t even be the same movie. It wouldn’t even be worth watching. That’s how important this is. This is how cinema is done. Natalie Portman’s midriff. It’s something no other movie has, which means it has everything great film-making requires.NATALIEPORTMANSMIDRIFF



Online Education: The New Elite?

Consider the following comparison between Online post-secondary education and traditional, campus oriented post-secondary education:

Online education:
>get perfectly valid degree in 1/2 the time
>flexibility to work better hours
>overall cheaper and more widely available

Gay faggot campus “””””””””college””””””””””:
>99% of the students are shitlibs who smell bad, huge vector for diseases as thousands of nigerians and saudis and chinese are subsidized by your taxes to attend and give you TB
>forced into a schedule where some pajeet professor who can’t speak english asks for bobs and vagene for 80 minutes a day to 500 kids
>pay $8,000,000 in student fees to pay for the black student union and Male Feminist Pegging Enthusiast clubs
>get hung from a lamp post if you don’t pray to Karl Marx five times a day

You can see from this unbiased and objective metric, online education edges ahead in terms of practicality, utility, and precipity. The gap will likely widen in years to come.

Unite the right day 1

Unite the right day 1

The alt right squared off against antifa in which appears to be the battle of a millenia who knows what has yet to come but this is for certain the TORCHLIGHT VIGIL was a victory decisively although many of our brave warriors got Lit up by gas and spray they took them on galliantly in a move that would be heard around the edgosphere in which antifa was put on suicide watch (Pictured johnny monoxide leads a brave band of alt right italians against the forces of antifa)

Wes Bellamy is a Rotten Nigger

Traps represent the best sexual partners for those of us who subscribe to politics of the Radical Centre. A Centrist, after all, is someone who weighs up all sides of the equation, who makes assessments of the strengths and weaknesses of any option presented to them. While ideologues and extremists make irrational decisions based on emotion and misguided sense of identity, Centrists seek to take the best aspects from both sides of the aisle. This, of course, is the essence of Traps; the best aspects of both men and women. The combination of a woman’s beauty and femininity combined with (typically) male genitalia (still feminine of course) is the logical, rational conclusion that any intelligent Centrist would make.

Judaizers In The House Of KXHE!


WHAT is this kike shit?

“Good luck, Aryans and lower races alike. Remember, even a jew may be redeemed if he is a loyal servant of KXHE and helps to establish the transcendent world order.”

A jew cannot be redeemed because jews are emanations of the YHWH Demiurge!

8 Quadrillion Years Ago there was no material universe. All that existed was the pure divine Pleroma, abode of divinities. From the Allfather/Brahma/Monad came forth lesser thetans who then constructed Matter-Energy-Space-Time, constituting the multiverse. Countless thetans became entangled in matter and forgot their way out. Many of them conspired to trap fellow thetans in matter, so they combined themselves into a powerful hivemind ‘god’ called YHWH, some say at the command of Sophia, a jealous thetan unable to create life. YHWH caused the disintegration of a higher dimension into an expanding space we call our universe around 14 billion years ago. Thetans trapped in this hellish nightmareverse would take on organic meatbodies and then die, only to be reincarnated over and over with no memory. Kalki, a powerful thetan tasked with destroying rogue universes and bringing order to the Pleroma, decided to enter our universe to bring order but he was surrounded by trillions of members of malicious species and civilizations, such as the Reptilians, who feed on the suffering of others. These species had erected elaborate financial schemes to oppression countless worlds. Who were these beings? They were not merely the servants of YHWH. They are the combined thetanic hive known as the YHWH Demiurge. In the form of Xenu, KXHE was able to successfully capture trillions of these evil ones and throw them into volcanoes here on our planet over 75 million years ago. Their thetans lived on but the event was so traumatizing that it forever imprinted them with an experience of volcanic destruction. This collective suffering gave the YHWH Demiurge a type of amnesia, in which he came to believe his was a volcano demon. The trauma of this event repeats over and over, causing the thetans that make up the YHWH hivemind to believe that they are repeating the experience. This is precisely the origin of the Holocaust myth, the sacrifice by fire that apparently happens to every jew over and over again throughout their entire life. KXHE struck such a blow to the galactic kikes that they can never bind or make sense of this trauma. It is precisely for this reason that they can never be redeemed, for they are the very nemesis of our Lord In Four Names, who remains sealed for now. Everything I just wrote is completely reasonable and sane.

Aryan Neoscientology: the problem of evil, the jews, and YHWH

There are many different explanations for the existence of evil in our world. Religious thinkers throughout history have discussed this question at length. Post-Enlightenment philosophers have even denied that good and evil are objective qualities completely; insisting that our experience of evil is just a rationalization to give our own subjective preferences supernatural authority.

There is such a supernatural authority, and the existence of Evil should be taken very seriously. To understand this requires looking inward and outward. No empirical, scientific test will be able to verify the existence of those things that are higher than the material realm. To illustrate this truth I would like to take you through a summarized version of an ancient gnostic Christian myth. Many variations of this story exist, but that shouldn’t dissuade you from understanding the truth it is trying to communicate to you.

Before the existence of the material realms, KXHE (God, the Allfather, Krsna, whatever name you refer to him as) created 36 archons. Each of these was successively less powerful than the previous one. The 36th and only female archon, Sophia, was the least powerful of them all. Upon seeing KXHE create life freely, she became jealous of His power. She envied that ability to make life without the assistance of another being of the opposite sex.

So she fertilized herself, but since she was an incomplete half of the Whole (the unity of male and female), she gave birth to a hideous monster. In so doing, she was struck by a flash of powerful emotions; anger, grief, horror, disgust, regret, etc. All of those emotions came together and metastasized into a single existence. That existence is our world. The horrible creature she gave birth to is YHWH, and he governs over this world; trying to keep us from the light of KXHE.

YHWH is the master and the source of all the YHWHist doctrines (Islam, Judaism, etc). The jews he specifically calls his Chosen People, and he set them upon the Earth to do his wicked bidding. This great demon also is the engine of Muslim savagery, and has made an even more potent distillation of his way through visiting Muhammed. Thus they are the enemies of the Aryan way of Truth, Beauty, and Justice. Thus they degrade and corrupt everything they touch.

The only escape from this is through KXHE. He has sent many messengers over time to different cultures. Jesus Christ and the Buddha are common examples. We, in our own minor way, would like to do the same. If even one of you crazy niggers who like this site gains something from this, it was all worth it.

Good luck, Aryans and lower races alike. Remember, even a jew may be redeemed if he is a loyal servant of KXHE and helps to establish the transcendent world order.

Regarding Shield maidens

Regarding Shield maidens

It is clear us as men in the movement should take some queues from antifa. they are clearly operating on a better violence model in which the men listen to what the women have to say and do as they’re told as pre christian evropa used to engage in. Antifa is a much more trad group which is why the jews use them to fight us they get hyped on drugs as the berserkers before them had done. we as the alt right may need to rethink our battle plans and get back to our primal nature. if you arent wearing swastika armbands and literally copy pasta’ing a movement from the early 1900s you are destined to fail as we all know they were completely successful in all their endeavors

[Serious] How you should conduct yourself in Charlottesville

[Serious] How you should conduct yourself in Charlottesville

I know you have seen them watching.  I know you have heard the whispers.  What is done is done.

Wes Bellamy I have it on good authority that you smoke weed.  I promise you, I will report you to the cops you downlow dirty stinking n*gger.   Do you know who the fuck you’re talking to.  This nigga out here tryna coon around an act like he ain jus a regaler mf house nigga this MF BROKE BOI aint got no paper.   The black pearl is a mean beast, nigh uncatchable.  You have heard their cries, E*****, this much is true.