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Wes Bellamy is a Rotten Nigger

Traps represent the best sexual partners for those of us who subscribe to politics of the Radical Centre. A Centrist, after all, is someone who weighs up all sides of the equation, who makes assessments of the strengths and weaknesses of any option presented to them. While ideologues and extremists make irrational decisions based on emotion and misguided sense of identity, Centrists seek to take the best aspects from both sides of the aisle. This, of course, is the essence of Traps; the best aspects of both men and women. The combination of a woman’s beauty and femininity combined with (typically) male genitalia (still feminine of course) is the logical, rational conclusion that any intelligent Centrist would make.

[Serious] How you should conduct yourself in Charlottesville

[Serious] How you should conduct yourself in Charlottesville

I know you have seen them watching.  I know you have heard the whispers.  What is done is done.

Wes Bellamy I have it on good authority that you smoke weed.  I promise you, I will report you to the cops you downlow dirty stinking n*gger.   Do you know who the fuck you’re talking to.  This nigga out here tryna coon around an act like he ain jus a regaler mf house nigga this MF BROKE BOI aint got no paper.   The black pearl is a mean beast, nigh uncatchable.  You have heard their cries, E*****, this much is true.

Listen David…

I know things got weird there for a minute.  As you may have noticed, things have been pretty tumultuous lately.

Received 8:42PM


There has just been a whole lot going on, especially in regards to the drama with Daniel.  To make matters worse, people are talking about excluding me.

Received 8:42PM


I don’t know where this strange meme came from, whether it was in jest, or whether it should be taken at face value…

Received 8:43PM


I’m not even sure why I’m reaching out to you right now.

Received 8:47PM


Listen, I just want you to know that I’m here to talk.

Received 8:48PM


I understand if you don’t want to.

Received 8:48PM


Received 8:54PM


Are you still up? or did you pass out?

Received 9:01PM


Please answer me.

Received 9:01PM

Eternal Sinkhole

We only require graves [Redacted]
the eye of the storm is upon us
Oil consecrations by the eclipse makers
the eighth Gregorian
the darkest…
I shall peer into its depth until it tears my soul apart
Confessor has constructed a world destroying device
a device made of varmint bones and water of the deep
t’will be planted at their headquarters
I want to be at ground zero with you
I want to feel the mantle crack and watch the atmosphere combust
I want to die inside this
Confessor’s world breaker will usher in a new era free of flesh prisons
We will all become one in the well
He hath spoken
Only JOR-NA-LAM can make this a reality
His blood is required
the blood fountain at the world tree
It”s roots are drenched in the crimson splendor of unlimited death
It thrives in our demise
Shall it grow
[Indecipherable Void tongue]

Dont tell anyone

 I plan on going over to Brandon’s house after school and eating all of his mother’s home-cooked fancy feast. She slaved away on a hot stove — toiled in fact — all for two uncouth teens to spoil her ritual. For the fancy bounty feast was a mere illusion. As a matter of fact, when my little gypsy eyes were cold cocked and my gaze was fixed upon the fine curvature of Brandon’s underside, the maid put up a tray of nails and then cast a spell. Or maybe it wasn’t even a spell..? Consider for a moment that she chose to conjure a feast o’ plenty bountiful fancy feast. Anyway this is beside the point, pay attention to what I am about to say to you.

 bountiful fancy feast©

Together we can win this.  Only through comradery will we be able to weather what is about to come.  Remember, this is an existential crisis.  Never before has our race faced extinction en masse.  After centuries of hard conflict, our European ancestors always managed to pull it together.  Darkness loomed over the continent of Europe, like a specter of death.  Only through millions of lost lives, blood shed by brothers, and homes broken, can we finally admit enough is enough.


Sorry, sometimes the other boys come out to play.

That was Martin.