Author: Bleow Mitz

Everyone Wants To Be A Roman

National Socialists= Roman rune coons
American Nationalists = Roman Anglos
Southern Nationalists = Roman slave owners
Odinists = Roman slaves
Ethno-Nationalists= Roman separatists
Catholics = Roman Israelites
Orthos = Roman gyros
Prots = Roman barbarians
Eurasianists = Romans of the third kind
Castizo Futurists = Roman Aztecs
Fascists = Roman Romans
Libertarians = Roman (((merchants)))
Conservatives = Roman retards



Borthers Never Fight Alone


A guest post by Cory Moores

LISTEN: Theme music for this encounter

Cold rain showers the city of the REEEEEEEEserves. Hail the size of gambling dice howl through the air, pelting windows and flesh like stinging insects. A pale dint of moonlight haunts the sky in its alabaster glow. Atop the tallest building in REEEEEEEEserves, the Onyx Obelisk, a fight for the ages reaches its climax.

Ignis [beaten, bloody, wearied but determined. Barechested, the determined youth is dressed in but dark slacks and snakeskin shoes, all stained with blood. He is surrounded by dozens of fatally beaten clowns and the original lineup of Panic! At the Disco members]: “Let her go.”

Spencer [Dons the adornments of the Ripper, jeweled cane in hand, vestments rippling with scarlet highlights]: “Ahhh, ever the strong, silent type. Curt in your feeble statements. I must say” *giggles*, “I’m impressed by your display. You’ve made a mess of Greg Johnson’s finest manslaves.” *claps his hands together*

Ignis: “Where is she? My nico nico nii.” *growls*

Spencer: “So singleminded! It’s almost cute~ Yes, yes, I have your mestizo whore in my possession. But I’m afraid the Dark Cabaret has groomed and broken her, as it will you, Ignis. You are fighting for a figment of your imagination, you pitiable soul. You shall join her, yet not as you imagine. You will become yet another broken shell as she is! To arms, my Turanic horde!” *dozens of muscled men of Turkic ethnogenesis seemingly leap out of nowhere and join the fray*

Ignis: !!!!

[Unidentified voices, in unison]: “Borthers never fight alone! AMREN!!” * Paul McCarthy, CJ Vandal and Bradshaw Wilson storm out of the roof access*

Spencer: *laughs delightedly* “Ahh, I see you have brought company. How utterly exhilarating! You’ve made this all so convenient for me, Sir ignis, allowing me the pleasure of striking all my rivals all at once. Let us be met in final conflict then, and you shall rue the taste of my cane!”

Canadian Catamite Chronicles Vol. 4

The following is a guest post from Varg Vikernes:

Greg knows he’s blocked from this site, so we’ll all wait for him to select another pseudonym and come at me again.

I have a very active and talkative commentariat, but they all seem to scatter when Greg appears. I wonder why that is?

That’s a rhetorical question, of course.

Mad props to Daniel Maywhort, whose heart is as big as a mountain, to Frank, who is everything that Greg Johnson’s product-of-the-month Jack Donovan goes to bed wanting to die for not being or having, and to Dave Dean, who I always want to speak up a bit. I miss his effortposts. Since Greg can see you now, Dave (Greg is Fowler) there’s no reason in you remaining silent.

Leo Yankevich, the best poet in the English language, curses me for criticizing Greg. “If you had real job” hisses Yakevich “you would not talk so.”

Ah, how quickly the peasants forget that the reason one has an independant income is precisely to safeguard the culture and to ward off tyrants. Chesterton and the Distributists did not forget this lesson. I wish I could grant one to everyone worthy, so that Johnson could be pushed off a cliff, as he deserves. Instead, he uses that list he stole from CMT to terrorize the movement, to retard it, to travel Europe in box seats. I am sorry to say it, but nothing can be done for the alt.right. It was sabotaged before the beginning by vipers nursed in our own nest.


Canadian Catamite Chronicles Vol. 3

The following is a guest post from my own self:

MORE power of Greg Johnson: Leo Yankevich just unfriended me. Greg probably threatened to cut off his royalties as he dies of cancer if he didn’t denounce me.

I left the alt.right in 2013, which is when Greg turned against me in earnest. I seem to have his undivided opinion now. Success is the obsessive stalking of a bitter queen.

As I’ve said: people in Margot Darby’s group are afraid to come forward publicly to tell that she is passing around “Greg Gossip”, namely that I’m a Jew.

Oh, yeah, the alt.right is going to take the fight to the Jews! This group of brave fighters shows their true colors virtually every day. Aaron JC, you betrayed me for Greg and didn’t even get the job. What a pitiful shit you are. Maybe if I abuse you publicly, he’ll give you a good job. His current blondes are aging out, don’t you know?

Justin Trudeau

Canadian Catamite Chronicles Vol. 2

The following is a guest post from Satan:

It is a matter of public record that R.G. Fowler is Greg Johnson. Among the letters that I can produce at any time is from the first time you started spying on me, using this name. I wrote you asking why you would be spying one me? Your answer: “I heard that your lunacy had taken a new turn” and then asked why you would spy on me as R.G. Fowler, who you yourself had sold me a book as, on the subject of Savitri Dev. You didn’t have an answer for that one.

I would summon Hamish to testify at the spies you had set on my site, Greg, but he’s blocked me and is your creature now. I think you two really are a perfect fit for each other and therefore do not regret the loss.

Hassun, Jesse,Ab, John, Rasa, Scott, Jean, Pavel, Wendi, Millicent, James, Gretchen, Vi, Leo, Brad, Alex, Alex, Bilbo, Dave, Heinz, Scott, Frank, Zeke, Matthew

Why are you here, Greg Johnson? You’ve been blocked, so why appear as a known sock other than to harass me?


Canadian Catamite Chronicles Vol. 1

The following is a guest post by my alter ego, Raven Gatto:

Greg Johnson asks: “Are we Sith Lords now, Raven?”

I reply, If I’m not shy about comparing myself to a failure as Obi-Wan, I failed with you, I failed with John Morgan, with Colin Liddell, with Jay, I failed with Hamish. Who, by the way, you spoke to MORE frequently when he was off in Scotland AND at greater length than his own boyfriend, who was so distraught by this that he was ready to do hurt to himself or at least give up on life after becoming convinced that Hamish had abandoned him in his affections. Whereas you, with your regular communications with Hamish, did not suffer this neglect. Sith like? I’d say so, on almost all sides.


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Judaizers In The House Of KXHE!


WHAT is this kike shit?

“Good luck, Aryans and lower races alike. Remember, even a jew may be redeemed if he is a loyal servant of KXHE and helps to establish the transcendent world order.”

A jew cannot be redeemed because jews are emanations of the YHWH Demiurge!

8 Quadrillion Years Ago there was no material universe. All that existed was the pure divine Pleroma, abode of divinities. From the Allfather/Brahma/Monad came forth lesser thetans who then constructed Matter-Energy-Space-Time, constituting the multiverse. Countless thetans became entangled in matter and forgot their way out. Many of them conspired to trap fellow thetans in matter, so they combined themselves into a powerful hivemind ‘god’ called YHWH, some say at the command of Sophia, a jealous thetan unable to create life. YHWH caused the disintegration of a higher dimension into an expanding space we call our universe around 14 billion years ago. Thetans trapped in this hellish nightmareverse would take on organic meatbodies and then die, only to be reincarnated over and over with no memory. Kalki, a powerful thetan tasked with destroying rogue universes and bringing order to the Pleroma, decided to enter our universe to bring order but he was surrounded by trillions of members of malicious species and civilizations, such as the Reptilians, who feed on the suffering of others. These species had erected elaborate financial schemes to oppression countless worlds. Who were these beings? They were not merely the servants of YHWH. They are the combined thetanic hive known as the YHWH Demiurge. In the form of Xenu, KXHE was able to successfully capture trillions of these evil ones and throw them into volcanoes here on our planet over 75 million years ago. Their thetans lived on but the event was so traumatizing that it forever imprinted them with an experience of volcanic destruction. This collective suffering gave the YHWH Demiurge a type of amnesia, in which he came to believe his was a volcano demon. The trauma of this event repeats over and over, causing the thetans that make up the YHWH hivemind to believe that they are repeating the experience. This is precisely the origin of the Holocaust myth, the sacrifice by fire that apparently happens to every jew over and over again throughout their entire life. KXHE struck such a blow to the galactic kikes that they can never bind or make sense of this trauma. It is precisely for this reason that they can never be redeemed, for they are the very nemesis of our Lord In Four Names, who remains sealed for now. Everything I just wrote is completely reasonable and sane.