Author: Bleow Mitz

Stork Traditionalism


I’m a Stork Traditionalist. Babies do not come from vaginas, that is a lie promoted by internatonal vaginal kikery. Any so-called White Nationalist who promotes this belly baby rubbish is an enemy in my eyes.

Surviving Gay…Kinda


I  had sex with 6 gorillion men and Dr. Mengele injected me with mutant STDs and I was fucked so hard my intestines came out and I worshipped Satan but then I discovered the Bible and now I’m a heterosexual with five kids and a wife with giant tits. I was cured of all STDs and my asshole closed up. I don’t even shit anymore, or eat. I just absorb energy from the divine love of God. This is a 100% true story.

Okay So I Just Had A Run In

Okay so I just had a run in with someone who wrote a smear article about The Starboard Stuff being a 3D waifu cover up from a supposedly “friendly website”. I went ballistic (imagine my shock) and told the owner he had 24 hours to live from the poison I just injected. I reached out to the editor/publisher of the article on twitter and they had “Big Foot” in her name. She started freaking out and defending the integrity of the article with seriously ridiculous logic and then blocked me cause I was “Navy SEAL Pasta-ing” her (I honestly wasn’t). The article was basically a Stalinist apeman tier smear piece.

I went ballistic (imagine my shock) and told the owner he had 24 hours to contact me over it before I cut his children’s eyeballs out. I figured out the identity of the editor, the writer and the owner in like an hour. I came to find that the writer with “Big Foot” in their name was literally a time cop. Literally a sasquatch worship Big Foot and their Twitter was full of pro-catgirl, anti-tomboy, but anti-2D crap. Clearly a mentally insane person.

Anyway thought you guys would like to know that Bison Fucker News won’t be contacting me or the various emails I got to confirm their future stories because I actually raped and murdered them and ate their hearts and made hats out if their skull caps and clothing out of their skin. Also, im really glad I’ve got the reputation that my extreme bulliciding works.

The Truth About Daniel Friberg And Greg Johnson And John Morgan


650,590 Words

Howdy Greg,

I’m a big fan of your work and was listening to your recent interview and wanted to correct you in a few places and point you towards someone you may find useful.

Firstly, you say you want to return to the 1950s (or 60s, I forget the exact year). Can you tell me how we return to that era when technology is so different now? I agree traditional values are how you make a functional society but we cannot return to solutions of the past, we must move forward and find out own solutions. It’s the same problem I have with the 1488ers, yes some National socialist policies were good but that was an idea for it’s time not our time. Birth control and the internet have made our environment completely different and we have to work within this new one or go extinct. We need to find ways to apply say traditional marriage in a world with tinder and consequence free casual sex, I don’t know exactly what that is but we must at least try to figure it out. Other wise we’re simply doomed and technology consumed our civilization and may indeed be a monster that consumes all civilizations who progress as far as we have. Technology reducing consequences and responsibility may just be a fact of life.

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Sexual Reproduction Is Unnatural


There are many in our movement who want to abolish homosexuality on the grounds that it is unnatural and immoral. The reasoning is that it doesn’t lead to reproduction, despite the long history of gays reproducing and spreading their homo-ness to even more generations. While it certainly makes sense to stomp out this perversion we should understand that it is not merely homosexuality that is unnatural. Sexuality itself is unnatural. Sexual reproduction is the result of a freakish genetic mutation. Organisms that reproduce sexually are laughably inferior at spreading their genes and regularly go extinct. The ‘higher’ organisms such as humans have brains, which are completely pointless and only make us aware of the misery of existence. In the distant past our Hyperborean ancestors reproduced asexually through mitosis. Our current human forms are an abomination and will be wiped off of this earth while asexual domination will march on unabated.