On bringing back Hitler

Too often on the alt-right do we hear the mantra, do we see the #bringbackhitler. And I get it, I do. It makes sense to he who is not fully inducted into the ways of Aryan Neoscientology.

I understand the desire to want to once again march through the streets as part of the grand thal army of Adolf Hitler Aurelius, Third Avatar of KXHE and relive the hope and glory those days of old brought.

However, it is the implication that #Hitler must be #broughtback that borders outright heresy.

The third avatar, like the first and the second, is not gone, and therefore cannot be #broughtback. Hitler is not merely part of KXHE but IS, in fact, KXHE and AS such sits within the Sarcophagus of Worlds to this day awaiting the call of the standardbearer, his infinite providence CONTINUING to work upon Teegeeack. When he arrives in his full glory, he will not be Hitler, but he will *be* Hitler. As before, we will follow him. Unlike before, we will win.

R. Brightman

The Institute for Aryan Neoscientology

Pyrenees Mountains, Spain


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