Aryan Neoscientology: Apate, the liar

Apate was a wanderer. She had never known any one place long enough to call it home, so she went from place to place, staying as long as its inhabitants would tolerate her. She made many enemies in her travels on account of her tendency to lie. She would recount many fictional misfortunes from her past to garner sympathy and, once attained, would exploit and betray that trust placed in her.

One day on the road to a great city, having just been chased out of a town behind her, she encountered a beautiful woman, Techne. Wisely indifferent to Apate’s stories, Techne would not be fooled, but instead handed Apate a crystal ball and taught her to conjure whatever image she wanted in it. Just as quickly as Apate encountered Techne, she disappeared, heading in the direction from which Apate had just come. Apate, with this new tool in her hands, bounded toward the city with a newfound vigor.

Upon arriving, she immediately set to work using the crystal ball to predict the fortunes of any person who would listen. It didn’t matter if they paid her or not. She knew the fruits of her work would blossom in time, and she would want for nothing before long. So she broadcast her signal throughout the land, teaching everyone the lessons they would need to serve her.

To some men she would talk of the coming swarm of barbarians. To others she would tell of the great famine. To others she would speak of the glorious utopia on the horizon; many lies, but all with the singular purpose of gaining followers and influence for herself. Some among the nobles were skeptical of her powers, and sought to find her in order to punish her deceit, but she deftly avoided them by using the common people who were enamoured with her ability.

Before long, the strange wanderer found herself in the halls of the palace in the city. She had ensnared the ear of the king. He hung on her every word, convinced of the images she showed him of the coming heaven on Earth. The king was convinced that if he served her and did all she said then this wondrous world would materialize, and his people would want for nothing.

Apate convinced the king that woman should rule instead of man, that all the slaves should be freed, and every lower caste should have equal status with the noble people. All of these elements must be made to serve her in her divine glory as the One who can see the future. The city descended into chaos as the nobles rebelled against their demotion. However, the slaves and servants, outnumbering the warrior nobility, were able to overcome the rebellion with the leadership of the king.

After the initial chaos, there was no proper order established. Many innocents perished as the lower castes wantonly raided and pillaged whatever they could, eventually being forced out of the city in search of food. After destroying some of the local farming villages, many people in the city starved.

Apate sat atop this leveled pyramid, enjoying the fruits of destruction she had set in motion, for she wanted for nothing anymore. No matter how savage the city became, it followed her every word and served her before any other. She sat, isolated from the smell of death, in her keep with all her servants feeding her first whatever food they could get and keeping what was left for themselves.

The people of the city constantly asked themselves “What has happened to this glorious city of ours? Why did the beautiful city we once knew change so much?” but they were so mesmerized by Apate’s crystalline visions that they could not conceive of the true cause. They came to believe that the glorious world would not materialize because there were non believers in their midst. And so they set about burning suspects at the stake. Any man who showed even a hint of distrust for Apate and her spectacular images was accused of being demonic, trying to subvert the glorious heaven promised to the city, and was destroyed.

This state of disorder continued as long as it was able. The city, once so proud and prosperous, was overcome by its own madness. Apate escaped with a party of her devotees as the city burned down. Once they learned of their abandonment, the inhabitants fled in all directions toward better lives, and the city was left a deserted ruin.


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