Judaizers In The House Of KXHE!


WHAT is this kike shit?

“Good luck, Aryans and lower races alike. Remember, even a jew may be redeemed if he is a loyal servant of KXHE and helps to establish the transcendent world order.”

A jew cannot be redeemed because jews are emanations of the YHWH Demiurge!

8 Quadrillion Years Ago there was no material universe. All that existed was the pure divine Pleroma, abode of divinities. From the Allfather/Brahma/Monad came forth lesser thetans who then constructed Matter-Energy-Space-Time, constituting the multiverse. Countless thetans became entangled in matter and forgot their way out. Many of them conspired to trap fellow thetans in matter, so they combined themselves into a powerful hivemind ‘god’ called YHWH, some say at the command of Sophia, a jealous thetan unable to create life. YHWH caused the disintegration of a higher dimension into an expanding space we call our universe around 14 billion years ago. Thetans trapped in this hellish nightmareverse would take on organic meatbodies and then die, only to be reincarnated over and over with no memory. Kalki, a powerful thetan tasked with destroying rogue universes and bringing order to the Pleroma, decided to enter our universe to bring order but he was surrounded by trillions of members of malicious species and civilizations, such as the Reptilians, who feed on the suffering of others. These species had erected elaborate financial schemes to oppression countless worlds. Who were these beings? They were not merely the servants of YHWH. They are the combined thetanic hive known as the YHWH Demiurge. In the form of Xenu, KXHE was able to successfully capture trillions of these evil ones and throw them into volcanoes here on our planet over 75 million years ago. Their thetans lived on but the event was so traumatizing that it forever imprinted them with an experience of volcanic destruction. This collective suffering gave the YHWH Demiurge a type of amnesia, in which he came to believe his was a volcano demon. The trauma of this event repeats over and over, causing the thetans that make up the YHWH hivemind to believe that they are repeating the experience. This is precisely the origin of the Holocaust myth, the sacrifice by fire that apparently happens to every jew over and over again throughout their entire life. KXHE struck such a blow to the galactic kikes that they can never bind or make sense of this trauma. It is precisely for this reason that they can never be redeemed, for they are the very nemesis of our Lord In Four Names, who remains sealed for now. Everything I just wrote is completely reasonable and sane.


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