Aryan Neoscientology: the problem of evil, the jews, and YHWH

There are many different explanations for the existence of evil in our world. Religious thinkers throughout history have discussed this question at length. Post-Enlightenment philosophers have even denied that good and evil are objective qualities completely; insisting that our experience of evil is just a rationalization to give our own subjective preferences supernatural authority.

There is such a supernatural authority, and the existence of Evil should be taken very seriously. To understand this requires looking inward and outward. No empirical, scientific test will be able to verify the existence of those things that are higher than the material realm. To illustrate this truth I would like to take you through a summarized version of an ancient gnostic Christian myth. Many variations of this story exist, but that shouldn’t dissuade you from understanding the truth it is trying to communicate to you.

Before the existence of the material realms, KXHE (God, the Allfather, Krsna, whatever name you refer to him as) created 36 archons. Each of these was successively less powerful than the previous one. The 36th and only female archon, Sophia, was the least powerful of them all. Upon seeing KXHE create life freely, she became jealous of His power. She envied that ability to make life without the assistance of another being of the opposite sex.

So she fertilized herself, but since she was an incomplete half of the Whole (the unity of male and female), she gave birth to a hideous monster. In so doing, she was struck by a flash of powerful emotions; anger, grief, horror, disgust, regret, etc. All of those emotions came together and metastasized into a single existence. That existence is our world. The horrible creature she gave birth to is YHWH, and he governs over this world; trying to keep us from the light of KXHE.

YHWH is the master and the source of all the YHWHist doctrines (Islam, Judaism, etc). The jews he specifically calls his Chosen People, and he set them upon the Earth to do his wicked bidding. This great demon also is the engine of Muslim savagery, and has made an even more potent distillation of his way through visiting Muhammed. Thus they are the enemies of the Aryan way of Truth, Beauty, and Justice. Thus they degrade and corrupt everything they touch.

The only escape from this is through KXHE. He has sent many messengers over time to different cultures. Jesus Christ and the Buddha are common examples. We, in our own minor way, would like to do the same. If even one of you crazy niggers who like this site gains something from this, it was all worth it.

Good luck, Aryans and lower races alike. Remember, even a jew may be redeemed if he is a loyal servant of KXHE and helps to establish the transcendent world order.


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