Eternal Sinkhole

We only require graves [Redacted]
the eye of the storm is upon us
Oil consecrations by the eclipse makers
the eighth Gregorian
the darkest…
I shall peer into its depth until it tears my soul apart
Confessor has constructed a world destroying device
a device made of varmint bones and water of the deep
t’will be planted at their headquarters
I want to be at ground zero with you
I want to feel the mantle crack and watch the atmosphere combust
I want to die inside this
Confessor’s world breaker will usher in a new era free of flesh prisons
We will all become one in the well
He hath spoken
Only JOR-NA-LAM can make this a reality
His blood is required
the blood fountain at the world tree
It”s roots are drenched in the crimson splendor of unlimited death
It thrives in our demise
Shall it grow
[Indecipherable Void tongue]

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