Reaffirmation of the Patrician Quality of Tomboy Humiliation

Let us recall that in these times when the word catboi is so frequently uttered by the masses there exists a principle of higher attraction from which we are able to partake in the corrective measures of restoring the erotic order of the species. We of course refer to the humiliation of the tomboy, which is not to be confused with the collaring of the catboi or the wearing of ears. From thence we proceed to understand the following perennial axioms of social behavior and the aristocratic ethos of true courtship:

  • It is only through dominating female efforts to engage in male performance that the distinction of the sexes can be properly maintained to allow for the reproduction of civilization.
  • The tomboy partakes in an unstructured and errant behavioral pattern, which is best remedied by that most aristocratic of impulses, the noblesse oblige, which requires us to gracefully but firmly fulfill responsibilities and obligations we have to our charges, that we “rule well.”
  • It is thus inherently patrician in nature to chaperone dissenting women into wearing dresses rather than slacks, and to tell them how pretty they look despite their protests.

This leads us to that which is most important for achieving the balance and sacred order necessary for the generation of our kind. We know well from our ancient ancestors that the Uranian and Olympian cycles represent a different spiritual reality for traditional peoples which manifest through the numen. But among the tomboy we find what could be considered a pseudo-Promethean impulse, in attempting to seize the solar fire of the stations and castes associated with the domain of man rather than the domain of woman.

The man, being of a solar rather than a polar Dasein, has the duty and the obligation to enforce upon the tomboy the corrective measure so prescribed in the ancient texts which have survived to the present, such as the Mahabharata and the Epic of Gilgamesh. That is to say, he is to proposition this woman to go carousing or gallivanting with him at a particular place and time, and to insist she wear a frilly sundress which he has procured for her. When she arrives, the completion of the rites is achieved by aggressively complimenting her on how feminine she is. The tension between her impulse to adopt the male roles and her being commended for fulfilling her station awakens a deep and powerful sacred energy and restores significant balance to the world, one tomboy at a time. The potential femininity which can be released through the proper rites of tomboy humiliation vastly exceeds that of non-tomboy humiliation, and so the perfection of the polar element in the female form can be said to reach its most divine character when it is achieved through the frilly sundress. The correction of androgyny must then be seen as one of the most noble and virtuous tasks of both the traditional world and of any civilization which seeks to order itself according to the principles of solar authority.


Scurvy McMango,

The Tropicarian Institute

Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands


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