Innocence Lost: Part One

Innocence Lost: Part One

When I was a young boy coming up in this world, I would often ponder the intricacies of social interaction.  Day by day, I grew resentful toward the world.  School was a hollow and cold atmosphere. The other boys jeering, the girls turning their noses up in the hallway, and the stares… unbearable.  Perhaps it all started when my life turned upside down because my parents had a tumultuous divorce?  Ah, well that is a story for another time.

For many of my adolescent and teenage years, one could say I swam against the current.  It was only natural of course, that I would end up penniless, bold, and eager, in San Francisco.   I’ll never forget that magical day, strolling up the boulevard, my heart swelled with excitement and pride.  It was the most special day, birds were singing, it felt like I had been given the key to paradise.  After the long years of anguish, I finally felt a sense of belonging.  Streets lined with young boys, chiseled middle aged daddies, and everything in-between…. it was the most magical day.  I could never have dreamed anything would top it, not even in my wildest daydream.  30 years later, however, everything changed when I gazed upon the beautiful bright eyed wonderkid — David Balabon.  David, now he was a fine young man.  I shall tell you more about him, but first, we must cover how I grew to love the light inside of me (and how I grew to love planting it in others).

To be continued…


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