Okay So I Just Had A Run In

Okay so I just had a run in with someone who wrote a smear article about The Starboard Stuff being a 3D waifu cover up from a supposedly “friendly website”. I went ballistic (imagine my shock) and told the owner he had 24 hours to live from the poison I just injected. I reached out to the editor/publisher of the article on twitter and they had “Big Foot” in her name. She started freaking out and defending the integrity of the article with seriously ridiculous logic and then blocked me cause I was “Navy SEAL Pasta-ing” her (I honestly wasn’t). The article was basically a Stalinist apeman tier smear piece.

I went ballistic (imagine my shock) and told the owner he had 24 hours to contact me over it before I cut his children’s eyeballs out. I figured out the identity of the editor, the writer and the owner in like an hour. I came to find that the writer with “Big Foot” in their name was literally a time cop. Literally a sasquatch worship Big Foot and their Twitter was full of pro-catgirl, anti-tomboy, but anti-2D crap. Clearly a mentally insane person.

Anyway thought you guys would like to know that Bison Fucker News won’t be contacting me or the various emails I got to confirm their future stories because I actually raped and murdered them and ate their hearts and made hats out if their skull caps and clothing out of their skin. Also, im really glad I’ve got the reputation that my extreme bulliciding works.


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