The TRUTH about NRX (NRx Xposed) #NRXgate

I’m sure you all know what I mean when I say “an NRXer”. We ALL know what that means. Just like we ALL know what it means when a news anchor says “youth” or “teen”. Let’s not state the obvious. We can come to expect…certain types of behavior from “NRXers”. But I did NOT expect what happened last August.

I had an NRXer over to my Staten Island apartment one day (it was stupid, I know). I left him alone to go to the bathroom. I came back less than 5 minutes later to find my refrigerator door open and the lid of my KFC bucket on the floor. I followed a set of greasy footprints to my apartment door, which was also left open. I looked out the door to see the NRXer running full speed down my hallway towards the elevator bank. His right hand cradled the KFC bucket, his left hand held a drumstick. I yelled at him “that’s my chicken You can’t have it! You didn’t even ask for it!!” He turned his head towards me, still running. He yelled something back, but I couldn’t make out the words as he had a chicken breast clenched between his teeth.

Needless to say, I never interacted with NRX again.

-KEn Stacy, American-flag


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