Dont tell anyone

 I plan on going over to Brandon’s house after school and eating all of his mother’s home-cooked fancy feast. She slaved away on a hot stove — toiled in fact — all for two uncouth teens to spoil her ritual. For the fancy bounty feast was a mere illusion. As a matter of fact, when my little gypsy eyes were cold cocked and my gaze was fixed upon the fine curvature of Brandon’s underside, the maid put up a tray of nails and then cast a spell. Or maybe it wasn’t even a spell..? Consider for a moment that she chose to conjure a feast o’ plenty bountiful fancy feast. Anyway this is beside the point, pay attention to what I am about to say to you.

 bountiful fancy feast©

Together we can win this.  Only through comradery will we be able to weather what is about to come.  Remember, this is an existential crisis.  Never before has our race faced extinction en masse.  After centuries of hard conflict, our European ancestors always managed to pull it together.  Darkness loomed over the continent of Europe, like a specter of death.  Only through millions of lost lives, blood shed by brothers, and homes broken, can we finally admit enough is enough.


Sorry, sometimes the other boys come out to play.

That was Martin.




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