The Truth About Daniel Friberg And Greg Johnson And John Morgan


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Howdy Greg,

I’m a big fan of your work and was listening to your recent interview and wanted to correct you in a few places and point you towards someone you may find useful.

Firstly, you say you want to return to the 1950s (or 60s, I forget the exact year). Can you tell me how we return to that era when technology is so different now? I agree traditional values are how you make a functional society but we cannot return to solutions of the past, we must move forward and find out own solutions. It’s the same problem I have with the 1488ers, yes some National socialist policies were good but that was an idea for it’s time not our time. Birth control and the internet have made our environment completely different and we have to work within this new one or go extinct. We need to find ways to apply say traditional marriage in a world with tinder and consequence free casual sex, I don’t know exactly what that is but we must at least try to figure it out. Other wise we’re simply doomed and technology consumed our civilization and may indeed be a monster that consumes all civilizations who progress as far as we have. Technology reducing consequences and responsibility may just be a fact of life.

Your idea of libertarianism is completely wrong, I understand why that is but I want to correct you on the open borders idea. You’re thinking of anarcho communists (who now dominate the philosophy as people have shifted to the Alt right who were right wing previously) but at it’s base values it’s pro-borders. Think of each person as their own king, in Gregistan there is a border around your private property. You say “No one can enter except me and mine, if you do I shall kill you for trespassing”. Sounds like a border to me? Right wing libertarianism is a thing, it’s uninformed (but most of them are as well to be fair) to say it’s an open borders philosophy. I would highly recommend you check out Radical Agenda by Christopher Cantwell and maybe even go on as a guest. He’s an Alt right libertarian and I think you would learn a lot from him and have an interesting conversation. Chris is a Hopper an cap and followed the same path his idol did in becoming more right and anti-left. Quite loud, quite in your face but does a good show and would make a great contrast to your own formal polite style.

I also wanted to discuss the concept of a race war and why you’re wrong on your idea of making a white society peacefully. As a European I look at the Muslim hordes all over Europe who are hyper religious, hyper violent and poorly educated and ask “how do we remove them?” simply put, they will not go back to Tattooine peacefully. They have seen the honey glazed paradise we live in and they’re not going to go back to wiping their hands with their ass and eating sand with every meal are they? It’s simply unrealistic to say you can have a peaceful revolution and we’ll end up with a white society. This is without accounting for Islamic leaders encouraging a violent Muslim take over as we know they are.

I could understand you’re American centric (in the same way Richard Spencer is with his “All white people ethno state” crackpot ideas) but even in America that won’t happen peacefully. You could make the argument that BLM is the start of the race war, you would be hard pushed to deny that the democrat party isn’t the black side and the republican (Trump) party is the white side. But even pushing beyond modern political violence rising we can simply ask the question “Does a parasite like being removed from it’s food source?” You’re a smart man, I enjoy your work (I’m not a philosophy guy, I’m a working class engineer minded guy) but you have a huge blind spot here. You argue blacks are more violent, more impulsive and unable to sustain a white society. Then you say “If we take this child’s candy away it will behave it’s self and go home”. I’m not buying it Greg, not for a moment. It maybe you trying not to shout “Race war now gas the kikes” and discrediting yourself but if blacks are everything we say they are, how do you think they will react when the gibsmedats run out? You saw the London riots, you see every BLM protest. Like it or not they will turn violent and the government has shown no desire to stop them, so it will be armed white men militias who end up defending their communities i.e. a race war.

You also raised the point of it being unethical to rule another group of people via colonizing them. I’m going to say you’re wrong there and argue that we should baby sit other groups as it benefits our own. If Africa is falling apart with civil unrest or building an army to attack outwards it’s a drain on a white society. Either we will be attacked/our interests will be attacked or we’ll have too much empathy and try to help them. That is what got us in this mess to begin with and we know it exists so lets work with it. If we have to put in place a small number of white rulers in black countries to keep them civilized and functional which benefits our interests of a stable planet then I’m all for it. I would love to say “each group deserves control of it’s own destiny” but then we’re back to libertarianism again and we know that’s flawed. Africa is a land of uneducated, violent children. Children need a baby sitter so they don’t pick up an AK and start shooting people. It’s a sacrifice but it maybe a necessary one to say colonization is how we make the world function. That doesn’t mean mass enslavement, it’s more like a night watchman state, which keeps the peace while allowing maximum freedom inside of the law. It would obviously have to be more brutal than a white night watchman state, but welcome to the nature of Africa, civilization costs blood and some places require more than others sadly.

Lastly I want to ask you to stop punching to the right. All you do is make yourself look bad because you’re shitting on your own side. When you say “Oh we’re just joking, it’s all a laugh with the memes” you’re working for the enemy. If they believe we’re dangerous and leading a political revolution then they’re going to try and appease us by working with the more moderates. If you have a choice between the Mafia’s bullies or the polite middle man you pick the middle man every single time. When you say “oh our bullies are just playing, they aren’t serious” you take away your own bargaining power. When presented with questions about the people righter than yourself you don’t have to throw them under the bus as you keep doing, use them to reenforce your own argument. “There are a lot of disenfranchised men out there who our society constantly berates and belittles, I wouldn’t encourage it myself but I can understand why they feel violence maybe their only option. They have no voice, no hope for the future and people like that may turn to violence. That is how badly our government has failed the young white men who sustain our civilization” is a much better answer. It paints the government as a bad guy and our more radical members as victims. It’s a left wing argument for sure but I’m sure you can understand why that’s better than “lol they’re just LARPing”. Don’t encourage it but don’t punch the people suggesting it either, like it or not that is the state of our fight.

When the enemy is building “refugee” camps in all your territory filled with violent rapists and letting them rape and beat women and children it’s not the time to condemn people threatening to kick their shit in. You need that fear to control the people in power as well as the thugs themselves. If the narrative is “Every time a refugee camp is set up it’s burned to the ground” or “Every time a refugee leaves a camp they end up in a body bag” you drastically change the political discussion to be had. No longer is it “how can we help” it’s “can we let these people be murdered?” I don’t know about you but I’ll take “Lets not let any more refugees in because they will just be killed on sight” over “Save them all! Look at all these fully grown 12 year old boys with ZZ tops beards!” even if it’s a complete and utter lie. Fear is also a weapon we must use Greg, I don’t like propaganda but you don’t win a war without it. They’re going to call you a monster no matter what you do, make them fear that monster and they will start offering tributes to appease it when they discover they can’t destroy it and any attempt to do so only makes it stronger (Hi Hillary!) I have a lot of time for yourself and others like you. I listen to a lot of Jared Taylor’s work as well as your own. We’re on very different sides of the Alt right and when things change we will have to come into conflict as to what sort of society we live in (I’m a monarchist for example). I often link people to your “in defense of discrimination audio” and it’s one of my favourite Alt right things ever. You’re an excellent chap and do a lot of good, I hope I have helped refined some of your arguments or at least given you something to mull over. It’s easy for us to get stuck in our own Alt right communities and not get into (always private, never show the conflict in public) debates to improve our positions and ideas.

Kevin Macdonald has missed the 800 pound gorilla in the room namely the Aryan Prepuce.

As Aryeh Kaplan revealed in his masterful commentary to the Sepher Yetzirah, the covenant of circumcision enables a Jewish male to employ his digits, toes, tounge and circumcised membrum, 22 extremities in all, to write in a spiritual Hebrew alphabet. This ability is owing to the higher Neschama that is present in those of Israel but lacking in the Aryan.

Indeed the circumcised Aryan is practically a spiritual cripple: this explains the very uncouth Americans redneck types. It is a blasphemy against Odin to circumcise in that he is the one-eyed hooded Lord of the gallows.

Just as the Jew may draw spritual power from the contemplation of the Covenant in his flesh, so should Aryans befriend their foreskins, Contemplating the wrinkled neck of Savitri Devi or the nose of Julius Evola, or even the prepuce of He Who Was Sent By Our Gods. Foreskin also help the Aryan to masturbate and chann.e the Vril energies into Semen, which is White reorienting Our Race. This was discussed by Evola in his Grail Bol and maybe Serrano in Nos.

It is therefore vital that the circumcision status of Alt Right figures be documented and exposed perhaps as a new ‘meme’ such as the bracket notation. I am proposing the following:

)|( This represent the Aryan penis surrounded by a healthy foreskin

)!( here a circumcised Aryan such a one not to trust as he can be a traitor, e.g. Clinton

(((0))) well that is a well known symbol of the Jews also the ‘three balls’ == pawnbroker.

Certainly I am not circumcised but the Jews affect me indirectly making the Sciences too hard of understanding and stop me getting a girlfriend because I worry my penis is small. Soon I am ready to circumcise myself and learn Hebrew.

I would certainly welcome the genitals of Ricahrd Spencer but I worry his severe hair cut means he cut his pensis. Also I thing the AmRen guy is circumcise by the way he’s stands and his nose. Watch out that guy!

I am sorry this post is long and rambling but I want to Encompass Kevin’s penis In case he is fired from his job soon.

I’m reading a chapter of Joyce’s ‘The Evolution of Morality’ titled ‘The Evolutionary Debunking of Morality’. In this chapter Joyce gives an analogy called belief pills. Essentially, the idea is that knowledge of the etiology of one’s belief automatically undermines the belief. He says that any theory claiming this would be ‘ridiculous’ but nonetheless it does seem like there are cases where this would be true.

The thought experiment:

“Pretend there were such things as belief pills, such that taking one would inevitably lead to the forming of a certain particular belief (while at the same time invoking amnesia about the taking of the pill, and to be on the safe side, amnesia about the existence of such pills in general). Suppose that there were a pill that makes you believe that Napoleon won Waterloo, and another one that makes you believe that he lost. Suppose that there were an antidote that can be taken for either pill. Now imagine that you are proceeding through life happily believing that Napoleon lost Waterloo, and the you discover that at some point in your past someone slipped you a “Napoleon lost Waterloo” belief pill. Iti is not a matter of your learning of the existence of such pills and having no way of knowing whether you have ever taken one; rather, we are imagining that you somehow discover beyond any shred of doubt that your belief is the product of such a pill. Should this undermine your faith in your belief that Napoleon lost Waterloo? Of course it should. It doesn’t show that the belief is false – for though the fictional scenario described is not our world, it still might well have contained Napoleon, the Battle of Waterloo, and the event of his losing that battle – but this knowledge is certainly sufficient to place your belief on the dubious list. Knowledge of a belief’s genealogy could show the belief to be false only if the belief implies a contrary genealogical story”.

[continuing a few paragraphs later]

“The intention of this make-believe scenario is to prime us for an analogical epistemological conclusion regarding an evolved moral sense. Instead of Napoleon beliefs suppose it is moral beliefs, and instead of belief pills suppose it is natural selection. Were i not for a certain social ancestry affecting our biology, the argument goes, we wouldn’t have concepts like obligation, virtue, property, desert, and fairness at all. If the analogy is reasonable, therefore, it would appear that once we become aware of this genealogy of morals we should (epistemically) do something analogous to taking the antidote pill: cultivate agnosticism regarding all positive beliefs involving these concepts until we find some solid evidence either for or against them… Note how radical this conclusion is. [It] is a matter of maintaining an open mind about whether there exists anything that is morally right and qrong, of accepting the possibility that describing the world in moral terms is in the same ballpark as taking horoscopes seriously or believing that ancestral spirits move invisibly among us.

But is the analogy fair? It may be objected that in the case of the belief pills the story has been carefully stipulated such that forming a belief as the result of taking a pill is entirely independent of whether or not the state of affairs necessary to render the belief true obtains in the world. But perhaps things stand differently in this respect for the evolutionary genealogy of morals; perhaps the process of natural selection is likely to yield true beliefs. Most of this chapter is devoted to arguing that this objection fails. We have no reason to think in the case of the moral sense that natural selection is likely to have produced true beliefs”.

Okay, sorry for that long wall of quoted text. It’s necessary though to understand the argument I’m about to lay out which I think refutes Joyce’s claim.

Here’s the argument:

1. Environment X selects in favor of belief Y.
2. Moral belief Y allows for evolutionary fitness.
3. Moral belief Z is the belief that moral belief Y is a true belief and on this basis it ought to be the case that we hold moral belief Y.
4. Evolutionary fitness is an objective fact of nature.
5. Moral belief Y allows for societal evolution across time conducive to a society at some point able to analyze moral belief Y.
6. 5 produces 3
7. 6 is a true belief i.e. a ‘fact’.
8. Through 7 3 is also a true belief.
Natural selection can, and does, produce true beliefs.

What are your thoughts on this argument? I have my own issues with the quoted texts that inform this argument but I don’t think they’re necessary to lay out here.

Cultural Fascism:

The recognition that human beings are not evolutionarily genetic determined beings but a product of phenotypic evolution and the desire to mold behaviors within any given environment to produce adaptational superiority with optimal actualization over all out-group competitors within regional and the larger climactically similar boundaries.

Here’s the basis for this theory I’ve been working on. In some sense guys like locke and rousseau weren’t wrong in that from a geological timescale all human traits are an interplay between environment and genes. We can reformulate this idea of the tabula rasa into a modern conceptual tabula mutabilis (roughly changable slate).

If it is the case that behavior is antecedent to adaptations (traits which match the environment) then each generational change represents a modification to the genetic template derivative of behavioral adaptations to novel selective pressures.

The biological component of human existence and function (race) is both an internal and external heuristic of evaluation from a present-past backwards looking point of view which itself functions as a working platform for future behavior change and end state values and behavioral outcomes over each successive generations that work to create a stable human template for further human endeavors i.e. establishing a stable governmental, aesthetic, and/or moral framework depends entirely on a stable (relatively unchanging) human system first. In this sense there is no chicken/egg problem but rather a continuous synthesis and reciprocal interplay between desired outcomes and present realities via a back-and-forth give and take of behavioral modification (cultural fasicsm specifically) and phenotypic realities (cultural fascism generally).

The implication here is that while there is no static human nature across the human time-history there can, and ought, be temporal-specific stable human nature within a specific naturalistic (natural selection) and political environment (artificial selection).

Any criticism of this position can easily be circumvented by appeals to Gould, Lewontin, et al. who claimed the best method for progress was education as a means to transcending genocide, barbarism, etc. The key point here is that these marxists and boasians were taking the same approach Hitler et al. took and applying the same arguments to advocate for opposing positions manifest in the Reich, Italy, and elsewhere.

At the end of the day the discussion boils down to one of discursive predicate values attached to human teleology and the best consequentialist method for attaining them. All moral disagreement is essentially a disagreement of utility.


Hi yeah thanks for having me in your fashy group. I’m 29 years old. Currently working at Safeway. I blame the kikes for that one honestly. I just wish I was living in a better time in the past, you know. Like one where 98% of all labor done was physical. I currently am single and spend most of my spare time playing DOTA, but boy I am ready for the race war. Yeah I gotta lose about 65 pounds but I mean I figure that I’ll burn most of that off my first week of clearing out the ghetto. I’m an INTJ, thanks for asking. It basically means that I am a born leader and I’m pretty much in the top 2% as far as intelligence goes. Yeah I make $8.75 an hour. Just trying to get on my feet you know. I am going to have 9 kids. Gotta replace those demographics that the jews destroyed. Anyway thanks for having me here. I think my biggest strengths are that I’m really good at posting just the right pepe for the occasion. I admire guys like Hitler, who was awarded multiple times for bravery, and William Pierce, who had a doctorate in physics. Me? I’m just trying to get on my feet right now, you know? Fucking niggers made the economy shit which is why I can’t find any good jobs right now. Thanks Obama. Anyway I feel like I can bring a lot to the table so thanks for having me here.


Not final yet, soon: (answer me soon or you lose any of my respect and thus your influence).
Those ‘programming it’, the ‘refugee’ crisis (the knowingly hostile alien invasions and forced migrations), the forced dictation of nations’ gene pools, the genocide of invaded nations, the middle east rape and pillage, all manner of war and genocides, and so on; those ‘programming it’ are doing noting but pure objective evil, and claiming it “necessary, trust us, we know better than you ignorant peons”. That is literally Satan’s reasoning, which is patently false. It is “trust us as we rape you and keep knowledge from you, so as an excuse to call you ignorant and keep raping you, for our own gain and enjoyment, you peon, you cattle, you insect; you would be stupid not to trust us as we rape you, it may look like evil rape, but you are just ignorant (by us on purpose), so have no say in our rape of your gene pool and literal rape of your people, ‘we’ve been doing it a long time, longer than you’ve been alive’, thus we know better than you, since we won’t tell you on purpose so we can say that to keep the power we have over you!”
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Human knew what we teach about them, they would kill us openly. TALMUD: Libbre David 37: A Jew should and must make a false oath when the Human asks if our books contain anything against them. And so on. Know this is the true beliefs of the atheistic jew sitting beside you, standing in front of you lecturing you in class, anywhere you find it — RIGHT IN THEIR OWN TALMUD WHICH THEY CONSIDER SUPERIOR TO THE TORAH [Old testament in the Christian Bible]! You can see why Jesus said that the God’s covenant with the Jew “is now null and void, because you did not follow in it”. The Jews today are Talmudic Jews. They already genocided the original Jews. JEW is literally the self proclaimed name of those who REJECTED GOD! They went instead their own perverted way (to SATAN, THEIR FATHER). Don’t believe me? JUST LOOK AT THEIR ILLEGAL APARTHEID OCCUPATION OF PALESTINE THEY CALL ISRAEL! “BY THEIR FRUITS YE SHALL KNOW THEM!”
I, GOD, wrote this existence. Do you think I would write it so the good guy has to put up with such filth as the JEW? Obviously you get utterly exterminated in the most painful way thus dealing out the justice your countless victims require! Submit now, or start preparing yourself for infinite eternal pain!
Lord Krsna: “Arjuna, chastiser of enemies! … I am terrible time the destroyer of all beings in all worlds, engaged to destroy all beings in this world; of those soldiers presently situated in the opposing army, even without you none will be spared. Therefore arise for battle, O Arjuna. You will gain fame by conquering the enemy and enjoy a flourishing kingdom. All these warriors have been slain already by Me due to previous design you are merely the instrument. … Either being slain you will attain the heavenly worlds or by gaining victory you will enjoy the Earth; therefore O Arjuna, confident of success rise up and fight!” [Bhagavad-Gita]
“Lord Kalki, the Lord of the universe, will mount His swift white horse Devadatta and, sword in hand, travel over the earth exhibiting His eight mystic opulences and eight special qualities of Godhead. Displaying His unequaled effulgence and riding with great speed, He will kill by the millions those thieves who have dared dress as kings.” [Srimad-Bhagavatam]
“By His irresistible might he will destroy all the mlecchas and thieves, and all whose minds are devoted to iniquity. He will reestablish righteousness upon earth, and the minds of those who live at the end of the Kali age shall be awakened, and shall be as clear as crystal. The men who are thus changed by virtue of that peculiar time shall be as the seeds of human beings, and shall give birth to a race who will follow the laws of the Krita age [Satya-yuga], the age of purity.” [Vishnu Purana]

– Sam Maloney; AKA, Arjuana; AKA, Kalki; AKA, Second coming of Jesus; AKA, God’s Avatar; Or, just call me God for short.
Updated: December 6th, 2016
First Published: December 1st, 2016


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