Sexual Reproduction Is Unnatural


There are many in our movement who want to abolish homosexuality on the grounds that it is unnatural and immoral. The reasoning is that it doesn’t lead to reproduction, despite the long history of gays reproducing and spreading their homo-ness to even more generations. While it certainly makes sense to stomp out this perversion we should understand that it is not merely homosexuality that is unnatural. Sexuality itself is unnatural. Sexual reproduction is the result of a freakish genetic mutation. Organisms that reproduce sexually are laughably inferior at spreading their genes and regularly go extinct. The ‘higher’ organisms such as humans have brains, which are completely pointless and only make us aware of the misery of existence. In the distant past our Hyperborean ancestors reproduced asexually through mitosis. Our current human forms are an abomination and will be wiped off of this earth while asexual domination will march on unabated.


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