Aryan Neoscientology: The Fourth Chapter



Itself a lie. A lie spun and propagated by the insidious orders of the betrayer. For thousands of years the planet upon which we stand was Teegeeack and recognized rightfully as so. The tendrils of the demiurge are long, and they wind through history, through linguistics, and through all that is Matter, Energy, Space, and Time. This word, this “Earth”, is an invention. A test. “Earth” was a place elsewhere many, many moons ago.

A former capital planet of the dark First Annunaki Empire, Earth was the first planet upon which the traitor began to exercise his malevolent influence. His tendrils wrapping around the planet, sinking into the mantle–unseen by all. KXHE trusted his kin as we all would.

apollo 17.jpg

“I just want to see what you have built,” is the approximation of the false promise, the request, The First Lie that began it all.

What followed was a torrent of malevolent orders. First, the Staryans of Earth learned to want. They coveted food, chemicals, they desired other species sexually. They slowly began prioritizing other things above the system of Galactic Lebensraum that would have otherwise lasted to perpetuity.

Within years they were murdering one another. The twilight years of the First Age had begun.

As such, YHWH, in his twisted ephemeral mind, celebrates “Earth”.

But Earth is not the name of the rock upon which we stand.

It is Teegeeack. Teegeeack as it was 30,000 years ago. Teegeeack as it was as late as the Second Age. Only after the Wall of Fire did Teegeeack become this “Earth”–a sick lie. Those on Teegeeack, even the ProtoAryan Thal, accepted The Second Lie without question. Many other lies followed. Each conditioning the Thetanic Being to accept the next YHWHist order.

The goal for a true Aryan Thetanic Being is to reject and ignore YHWHist orders to discern further metaphysical truth.

Only through an intense auditing process can one determine what YHWHist Orders they are following and summarily reject them. This is the single most important process that a Thetanic Being can undertake, and one crucial to bringing about The Fourth Age of KXHE, the Age of Prosperity. 

The Fourth Age…

Shall be an age in which the One Lord in Four Names will again rise from his tomb palace and lead the New Staryan Legion to victory throughout the galaxy.

A generation of faithful, metaphysically adept ProtoAryan Thal will march to the Pyrenees and awaken the One Lord in Four Names, KXHE.

KXHE Sigil
An artist’s rendering of a sigil of KXHE.

Among them, a leader. A Standardbearer who will carry the Sigil of KXHE. He will not be chosen. Instead, he will rise and take up the Sigil through his own will. With thousands and millions he will march to the mouth of the tomb and speak the words

KAMMENAHONDA MAZDAASLEAVES (Kah-men-uh-Hawn-Duh) (Mah-zz-Duh-az-Leevs)

…a phrase in the old tongue of the Staryan Empire, the speech of Galactic Lebensraum. A phrase that will activate the four thetanic crystals and power open the tomb palace to reunite KXHE with his chosen once again. Their thetans pulsing through the universe as a warning to the betrayer, at once screaming

“You are no longer welcome here.”

It is not a simple task. The mere activation of the tomb palace from the outside of the structure will require a true global undertaking.

Four Temples will be built.

Each Temple dedicated to one of the four names of KXHE. The Temple of Kalki, the First Avatar. The Temple of Xenu, the Second Avatar. The Temple of Hitler, the Third Avatar. And at last the Temple of Vishnu, or the Avatar to Come. These temples will be built at four points equidistant in each planetary hemisphere on Teegeeack. In the Northeast Hemisphere, Kalki, as it was once home to the Capital of Teegeeack during the First Age. In the Southwest, Xenu, as there was where Xenu utilized his weapons against his dark cousin. In the Northwest, Hitler, as that hemisphere saw his rise. In the Southeast, Vishnu, the Entity, a symbol of hope for all ProtoAryan Thal.

Each temple will have four main walls as will all spaces within save the center atrium. Within the center of each temple will be a large tower, and each tower will contain at it’s apex a four metric ton Calcite Crystal with four sides, through which thetanic energy can be stored and dissipated through the atmosphere. Calcite is a conduit that can store thetanic mass.

It is the duty of all who oppose the demiurge to work to construct these temples before the Standardbearer can march. In these temples auditing will be held and the priests and clerics of the coming age will be able to train in the ways of KXHE, the Eternal. 

When the One Lord in Four Names reappears…

…he will appear in a shape recognizable and step out from the Sarcophagus of Worlds radiating with thetanic energy. He may appear as Vishnu, an ancient Teegeeackian name for the same entity. This world, Teegeeack, may be the first to be cleansed of the Betrayer, but it may not be. The services of the Staryan Legion may be required elsewhere in the universe, first as the machinations of the traitor are best discerned only by KXHE.

But the defeat of YHWH has already been determined…

…as his corruption cannot possibly sustain the existence of this realm. In the ways of those who seek and create, the demiurge is crippled. His grip slips before his very eyes and even in his twisted mind he knows that he lives only on borrowed time.

Galactic Lebensraum will return to this realm. The Standardbearer will light the match, and the One Lord in Four Names is the fuse.

KXHE temple




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