Cannibalism: The Staryan awakening

The body itself is a hierarchy of cells and organs. Each subordinate unit plays a part, just as the human species is superior to all others. Eating is a form of ritual practice that also supplies not merely symbolic but actual conquest of the kingdom of the living body of a lesser organism. Cannibalism is a way to absorb and subordinate the higher lifeform, the human, to oneself. It is the highest expression of rightwing action.

In less spiritually deprived times kings and emperors were not merely ambassadors of the spirit world, they were actual gods themselves. One way in which ordinary people could ascend to godhood was to allow the king to eat them, thus having their soul absorbed into a higher power.

Much like feudalism, cannibalism was often a voluntary act. It was a way of pledging yourself and your strengths to a superior. It can be seen as the most advanced form of feudalism.

Spiritually rightwing: accept the supernatural realm that provides maximum hierarchy. Hinduism, etc

Economic: accept the economic program that provides maximum hierarchy. Ancap, feudalism, etc.

Biological: racial supremacy.

Cannibalism integrates all three aspects.

– Curt Boogalittle
The Cannibaltarian Institute
Papua, New Guinea



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