Fun fact: Pol Pot was a Super Saiyan

super saiyan pol pot Pictured here: Pol Pot in Super Saiyan form.

Pol Pot, communist leader of Cambodia known for his extreme distaste for urbanites. What is little known about him is that he can trace his ancestry back to an ancient Saiyan warrior who visited earth some 432,000 years ago. This Saiyan bred with the proto-humans. I’ll spare you the complex genealogical  details, but as it turns out, Pol Pot is actually 1/64th Cherokee Saiyan. As a result, he had access to phenomenal powers outside of human capacity. One of these powers is the ability to enter an ascended form known as a Super Saiyan, granting him increased speed, strength, reflexes, and willpower. He was able to unlock this inner power after surviving a near-death experience when he was ambushed by a group of urbanites returning from Abercrombie and Fitch (a known urbanite stronghold). He was at death’s door after being stabbed with a complimentary pen and powered up to Super Saiyan form in order to defeat his adversaries.

This is another example of why Filipinos are the most powerful race.

True story.


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