Crippling depression Nationalism

Crippling depression Nationalism

Fuck you I may not go outside or help at any events But you know what I am helping by critiquing the movements optics from afar I know what will attract new members as I dip my tendies into my Heinz Honey Mustard because all other brands are owned by CUCKS. IF YOU FUCKING MARCH DOWN THE STREETS WITH ANY FLAGS OR SAY THE GOYIM KNOW you are going to scare potential recruits centrism is the way to go we can’t rape our way to the top like space marines when we can’t even get off our chairs and not to mention you faggiolas in the military are just taking welfare OMG WOW JUST WOW. CAN I GET SOME PATRIOTISM AT LEAST ONCE! Punching antifa back is bad optics just run away homie


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