Aryan Neoscientology: The First Chapter

Sol et Ignis, vir Tempus. Kammenahonda Madzaasleeves.


…of this universe there was simply aether, as is the truth of all newborn universii. This aether, this pure, unforged energy was the divine right of he whomst discovered it. This being–if one could call it a mere “being”–is known to us now as the


and he is good and righteous as he has always been. Of those who craft and seek, this entity was known demiversally as the most potent, the most pure of his cousins. The most worthy of forging a universe as he saw fit. 

And forge he did. Tirelessly, yet effortlessly did he set into motion all you see before you. A universe was created. Stars. Planets. Forged energy. The touch of one lord in four names was pure and observably panentheic.

The true white race: the AstroNordic Staryan.

Using his pure essence, he forged a great race of men. These men–these AstroNordic Staryans came into being riding chariots of steel, fire, and lightning. In the Pleiades did they make the home of their great empire, and upon the throne, watching over that which was he, was the one lord in four names KXHE. The pure, unrestrained Aryan might of these Übermenschen could not be restrained by a sole continent, or a sole planet, or even a sole star system–no–the only solution for the AstroNordic Staryans was to establish a system of


through which their patrician energy could pulse and throb throughout the universe. Billions of galaxies encompassed their empire, and hundreds more were conquered by their will within the span of an hour.

It was then–around 30,000 years before the present day, known now as


began on Teegeeack as it did throughout the universe.

With their Aryan might, they strode as giants as those below kneeled in their wake.

Upon Teegeeack, the third stone of its star, the Staryans quickly established a thriving colony on a planet already populated by several sub-aryan species: the Thal, the Lemurians, and the shapeshifting Reptilians. 

In the Thal, the Staryans found an excellent servitor. The Thal bowed as the Pleiadian Warships landed upon the planet and immediately began helping these walking Gods with the forging of great towers that stretched miles above the tallest mountains, they helped pave avenues and cities that stretched for continents, and it was all done in less than five months.

One THOUSAND years of prosperity ensued…

…a millenia long reich on Teegeeack. A culture filled not only with wealth and abundance, but with TRUE mastery of Aryan Metaphysics. A culture, world, and galaxy of purpose, the likes of which are unimaginable today.

The success of KXHE was not, however, without an audience.

The one lord in four names has a cousin. This cousin saw what KXHE had created. He saw that it was mighty, pure, and untouched by corruption to the point of being almost indistinguishable from KXHE himself. They were the perfect creation.

This cousin,


envied his cousin and his perfection. Under false pretenses, he observed the universe, making small, yet calculated adjustments to the grand code that governs all, that which intertwines, penetrates, and unites the Staryansthe Thetanic soul.

These adjustments slowly began to cascade. First, it was disagreements of purpose, then, it was idleness, then brother turned against brother.


The perfect ones, corrupted and beset by infighting and even interbreeding with sub-aryan races throughout the universe, were caught unaware by the monster unleashed by  the dark lord YHWH, the Demiurge, the Traitor. The Annunaki, a coalition empire composed of sub-aryan races of the universe, including Teegeeack’s sub-aryan reptilians, tore through the universe at a rapid pace. These Annunaki were empowered by the dark powers that seeped in through the outside of the universe.

KXHE saw the tragedy unfolding and saw the fires that consumed his once pure creation. With strength of will, he directly intervened as


riding a Star Chariot of gold and a holding a Sword of Flame. He fought for a thousand years in a conflict that shook the foundation of reality itself. The battles crushed whole worlds to dust and extinguished the very stars that once shone so bright and filled the universe with purity of purpose.

And then he was done. With sorrow, KXHE used his blade to release the soul of the final Staryan. His last trueborn son. The souls of his creation fractured, and Thetanic essence was all that remained of their existence.

With that final, mournful act, KXHE rested in a godlike slumber, surrounded only by the ruins of a once great universe.

But ruins were not enough for the demiurge, the traitor. He took a new place on a throne that was not his, and began his twisted plot to destroy his cousin forever.



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