RE: Hello From the Wired: An Introduction to Cyber-Nihilism

I and some of my colleagues at the Starboard Stuff have long been working on the construction of the theory of CyberNihilism. While there was some disagreement about whether to call it Cybernihilism or Cyberfatalism, this disagreement has been settled by my chance discovery of a parallel theory coming out of leftist, anarchist circles. (Update: fuck it, we’re calling it CyberNihilism after all) About half a year ago there was an article called Hello From the Wired: An Introduction to Cyber-Nihilism over at ensorcel, an obscure anti-capitalist and anti-hierarchy blog. There are a remarkable number of similarities between the ideas, despite the radical nature of the political and moral disagreements.

Cyber-Nihilism, though coming close to a genuine understanding of how technology has shaped and will continue to shape the world, is plagued by leftists spooks. Consider the following:

There is no race, gender, or sexuality in the Wired, and all who seek to impose these constructs in the Wired by virtualizing our assigned identities will also pay for their attachment to meatspace. Every rapist and racist must be phished, hacked, and doxxed, every ad must be blocked, every email must be encrypted.

Funny how there is no race, gender, or sexuality in Memespace (the proper term for what these rubes call the “Wired”), yet people who care about these things are still treated as if they’re Satan incarnate. Newsflash retard: If a trait is no longer part of your identity, bigotry against that trait will not affect you in any way. Also how are you going to dox your enemies if you are also simultaneously working to anonymize the Internet and destroy identity?

This is an illustrative example to demonstrate the problems with Cyber-Nihilism. The political ends of the writer color the theory at every point. Rather than seeing things objectively, the Convergence is viewed as a means to his ultimate political ends. Memespace is viewed as a way to escape essential identities forced upon people in Meatspace instead of a place where people are fleeing as their real identities are stripped from them by a rapidly dissolving social structure. In the mind of a Cyber-Nihilist, the destruction of hierarchy is such a desirable goal that everything can be done away with if necessary. Just like every other form of left-anarchism, destroying hierarchy is elevated to a religious command and all other concerns are thrown by the wayside.

We view things very differently here. While we agree that the primitivist diagnosis is correct but the hour is too late to revert, the idea that we have some obligation to work to make Memespace a hierarchy free place is absolutely fucking retarded. People will always organize themselves around personalities and leaders. Hierarchy is a natural emergent property of life, and the anarchists who oppose it are working their hardest to pervert nature and introduce evil into the world.

Fuck your anti-racism, feminism, and every other stupid fag shit you want to shoehorn into this theory. Maybe if you had an ounce of confidence in your ability to compete in a hierarchy you’d free your mind of all of this gay over-socialization, all of these spooks. You are every pathetic thing Kaczynski described in the beginning of his landmark work, “Industrial Society and Its Future”

Stop being a faggot and start being a CyberNihilist


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