On Tomboys

There’s been a lot of talk about the “patrician-ness©” of tomboy humiliation on this site as of late. Normally I would stay out of such petty non-arguments, but I haven’t written anything in awhile. I state for the record that tomboy humiliation is Aryan, kvlt, and that I absolutely support it as one of the most principled possible fetishes. Anyone who denies its aristocratic, solar element reveals themselves not only as a heretic, but a homosexual and probably a jew.

Tomboy humiliation is, however, a sign of the decline. Principled though it may be, it only is necessary in the Kali Yuga wherein a culture of lies deceives women into challenging male dominance and becoming sterile; in a technological environment of female independence. That is to say, in an environment of Cybernihilism.

We can trace the demand for this back to mass market contraception. Once children became a manageable risk instead of the near certain consequence of sex, the essential power balance that had existed between the sexes for all time was shifted. No longer would women be forced to depend upon men simply for having sex (and SOMEONE would always be trying to get her to). She had to go one step farther and make a conscious decision to become pregnant.

Tomboys can exist as they do because women no longer are faced with the same pressures to be feminine as a result of the changes to society introduced by technology and the cultural changes that followed

Sure there were tomboys before, but back then there was no question that they were destined to be mothers. Sorry, Arya Stark. You’re a whiny little bitch, and when you’re old enough and there’s a version of you that’s 2D and doesn’t look like a boy I’m gonna put you in a skirt and poke your ass with that stupid sword you’ve got and with another sword I’ve got (heh).

arya kagomes

I’ll make you grow your fucking hair out too

Tomboy humiliation is riding the Tiger of Modernity. It’s taking that which a poisoned, degenerate world throws at you and channels the momentum like a skilled fighter; leaving you in possession of a proper, submissive waifu. You might even find her voluntarily learning how to cook things afterward without your intervention.

How could anyone countersignal this? Well like I said in my first paragraph: faggot jew. This is the ultimate fetish. If you disagree you go in the ovens.


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