The Patrician Peasant And The Tomboy Aristocrat

A certain diseased fruit product decided to respond to my analysis of tomboy humiliation. Although I meant mere harmless speculation I see that I have kicked the salamander mound, punched the bird hive, crushed the whale house, if you will.

You think that tomboys aren’t reverse traps? Wrong, reverse traps are an advanced form of tomboy. Being a tomboy isn’t about feminism and girlpower, it’s not about being suspiciously into baseball, it’s about becoming an androgynous Hyperborean being. You might think that I’m just some gnostic faggot space cat bolshevik who wants to post pictures of reverse traps but I am in fact an Ascended Master who has spent several million years studying the esoteric.

Let’s attack your basic premise. You want the patriarch (masculine, solar) to reaffirm the feminine role of women through humiliation of the tomboy (lightning, lunar, a fake sun). This is to ensure continued reproduction, civilization, and of course, strip clubs. But what does sexual intercourse accomplish? It is a union of the sexes, it is a return to the primordial androgynous form that cannot be accomplished because of our fallen nature. The tomboy is the natural aristocratic in that she is becoming xir, a higher form.


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