Responding to “The Patrician Peasant And The Tomboy Aristocrat”

Responding to “The Patrician Peasant And The Tomboy Aristocrat”

First of all, scurvy isn’t a disease—it’s a way of life, so stop diagnosing me you bigot.

Moreover, this response to a response appears to have sank to new depths of untouchable caste. Let us address the critical issues raised:

1. Are reverse traps a more advanced form of tomboy?
By its very etymological nature, the reverse trap is a corrupted form of the trap, not a more advanced form of anything. Further, the reverse trap, in totally concealing her femininity has made herself only appear desirable to women (who are esoterically gay) and homosexuals (who are exoterically gay), as they interpret her as male. Reverse traps are doubleplusgay, and not an advanced form of the tomboy at all. The tomboy does not appear male but adopts male behaviors and hobbies along with the clothing suitable to those behaviors and hobbies. The tomboy is not trying to be male as much as she is avoiding being too much of a girly-girl. This as I have noted previously is distinct from the reverse trap, who desires to appear male for the sake of appearing male, not to be a woman who engages in traditionally male activities.
2. Is the tomboy is a natural aristocrat who is becoming a higher form through her androgyny?
This must be false since we have already proven that the tomboy is not an escalation of forms but a manifestation of juvenile revolt best corrected by patrician paternalism and the imposition of the frilly dress. The embarrassment this nets is said to be enough to power ten cities for a year. Moreover, it is the rush from correction of this androgyny that makes her excessively feminine to levels non-tomboys cannot achieve, and which are totally impossible with androgynes.

Thus it still stands: tomboy humiliation is the surest sign of patrician taste among males of our species.


Scurvy McMango,

The Tropicarian Institute

Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands


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