True Patrician Taste

Tomboy humiliation is the most principled fetish.

Where my tomboys at? Gonna make you wear a frilly dress and embarrass yourself.

That clothing is pretty comfortable so why are you squirming so much? You do know you’re not a boy right? This is how a girl should be dressed.

I’m pretty deep on those mindset iceberg memes. Mental BDSM without any external signs.

It’s not about dominating per se. More of a schadenfreude.

Is there a word for feeling pleasure derived from embarrassing tomboyish women? There should be but I don’t think there is. That’s the level of sophistication we’re on here.

If that’s too patrician for you, the door is that way.


Scurvy McMango,

The Tropicarian Institute

Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands


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