The Dangers of Oral Sex

My position on oral sex by a husband on (with, for) his wife has changed for many reasons, Mr.Doolittle. I had to give it further thought after the last two times that I explained my position, and it isn’t actually the interaction between sexual organs and the baby, or even sexual fluids/urine, but specifically what disgusts me is the idea of putting semen on babies and children either for the homosexual or the rapacious quality of the act.

It would be foolish to expect all people who have not grown up as I have to be so cognizant of the effects of their actions (and I’m far from perfect in this regard) so I do not claim that every man who wants a blowjob is a pedophile, or that women who choose (or even want for some reason) to give them are pedophiles, but I certainly don’t see how one can fail, once this is pointed out to them, to at least understand the position. Oral hygiene can only do so much to remove the residual semen, and I’ve seen no research into just how well it can do so; therefore, I err on the side of caution.

Oral hygiene is not the only issue of course. There is also the possibility of semen making contact with the wife’s skin. This is both more and less problematic. On the one hand the wife can simply remove two layers of skin in the process of bathing an area of her body in which fluid made contact during sex; however, if she does not, and if that fluid was in fact semen, then when she is holding the baby (and especially if nursing) then there is the possibility that the baby is also being rubbed with his or her father’s seed.

Neither of those two issues deals with the biggest one though: Putting semen into the bodies of babies and children. Whether the wife is passing the digested semen through her breast milk (and no matter how hard or long she spits after each one with enough blowjobs she almost certainly will at some point), or passes it along in the form of a kiss on the mouth or a scraped knee she is introducing her husband’s life force into the bodies of her children. While this matter does not in that way carry the potential to bring new, and potentially corrupted, life into existence it does carry his essence into them, and in a sense impregnates them however little and temporarily.

Now as Mr. Doolittle pointed out the baby does, ideally, exit the mother through the vagina. It should seem then that my position, if just as “Puritanical” as one would assume it to be, would be against all vaginal sex as well. Of course that is ridiculous as the purpose of marriage is first and foremost to prevent burning with passion, and, very happily, in close second, to make babies. We have available to us today methods which, with the assistance of science, allow us to insert fertilized ovum into the womb of a woman; however, for anyone serious about making white babies (unless they are very rich indeed) the cost of such treatment is prohibitive as few people are not actually capable of raising as many children as they can afford to bare through the procreative sexual act. It goes without saying that as children cannot be birthed by faggots via their prolapsed anus that the homosexual act of sodomy is also undesirable for marital relations between a man and his wife. Likewise a handjob is insufficient for the creation of children. So if a man is married, and as he ought to be having sex for the purpose of avoiding sin, then he ought to act in such a way as to produce children for God, his forebears, and his descendants. This can only be achieved by PIV (aka rape). Now ideally would a man stop having penetrative sex with his wife for a certain period of time before the birth of the child? Perhaps, but what is the loss to his wife’s well-being and happiness? God made the penis for a reason. However much we may substitute BPA sticks, and pesticide-drenched cucumbers (and by “we” I mean hedonists who would turn your daughters into wombs for black and brown men, and your sons into sissies for the same) for the natural it won’t give the husband relief, and by separating the act of sex from intimacy the marriage, and by extension the children, are harmed. So while it makes me uncomfortable to understand that my newborn son(s) or daughter(s) will be collecting semen from their mother as they are born (and that contact is not short) it is a natural and necessary thing for the continuation of our people, and one which has occurred since the beginning of Man.



The Propertarian Institute

Kiev, Ukraine


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