Evola was always right, you were just misinterpreting him

In ancient times, warriors fought dragons. Due to the effectiveness of our ancestors at killing the beasts, dragons went extinct. It is difficult to find a suitable challenge fit for warriors such as ourselves in this age. Our current age is merely a shadow of the former age, as Evola has pointed out, and therefore it is only appropriate that our warriors do battle with the shadow of the dragon: the dragon dildo.

This is not “gay” (as if such a thing even exists), contrary to popular opinion. Being able to do battle with a dragon dildo and walk away victorious (or even walk away at all) is in fact a sign of a masculine warrior spirit and virtue that many men today lack. Dante, our modern St. George, is one such individual. Our initial revulsion at his battle scars only shows how far we have to go as a movement before we are able to truly call ourselves the successors of the hyperborean spirit.


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