Doctrine of the Cybernihilist

Human history is a narrative of constant struggles for power (sex, also known as the “female” for more information see Eli Harmony’s seminal work “The Clitoris”) Death is the center of all things

Technology has radically changed the world in the past several centuries (the rate at which this happens may be accelerating

The NEETs, referred to in Calhoun’s experiments as “the Beautiful Ones”, are the natural result of the purposelessness that comes with abundance (primarily a male phenomenon)

The modern equivalent of the monastery with celibacy and memes instead of the doctrine of the Church

These men wield supernatural power differently because their culture is different, but their pent up sexual frustration collectively empowers them to influence the Memespace in very much a similar ways (aka TURTH)???


The Cyber Future is characterized by a near eclipse of our own world with that of the 2D paradise, but the nihilism part of Cybernihilism teaches us to discard naive hope. We must realize the principles of heroism from the 2D in ourselves and if we can possibly reach across that chasm we will without fail

It is very likely that there will be genuine furries running around city streets within your lifetime. Not in suits. These assholes will look how they wish they did and they are gayer than a cannibal dog you do not want them on your streets near your family

And who even knows what other terrible things the Internet will spawn by then? Can you imagine what manner of awful things people may choose to look like IRL when the holograms make everyone into anything they want?

Every moment you spend playing video games, watching movies/tv-shows, reading stories, etc is time you are spending vicariously living somebody else’s life. This is representative of the beginnings of the Eclipse.

The Eclipse is the coming convergence of Meatspace and Memespace as technology (ie THE INTERNET)( progresses.

Google owns you

Apple owns some of you, and if they do you’re GAY

We cry in horror and helpless anguish  at the terrible nature of this layer of hell we were destined to be born in in the following way:

bird aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

The Starboard Stuff Ship, undisclosed waters
Kiev, Ukraine


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