Can Traps Circumvent the Effects of Time Travel?

Can Traps Circumvent the Effects of Time Travel?


If you can pass for a girl, in theory there’s no reason why time travel should affect you.


Traps are already gay, thus rendering this attempt to escape chronosexualization moot.

You’re still biologically male even if you look like a girl.


First of all traps aren’t gay. It isn’t gay to be attracted to the female form. Even if that form has a penis attached.

Second, we don’t fully understand how time travel turns men gay, only that it doesn’t affect women and sasquatches. Biology may not even have anything to do with it.

We must inquire: if a male were to time travel such that he would not be perceived as male, would he avoid the effects of the chronosexual disorder?

Since it is impossible to pass for a sasquatch but it is possible to pass for a cute girl, we now have our testable hypothesis: Time travel does not turn traps gay.

However I must divulge that I fear the results of experimentation. The Time Police will not stand for this threat to their monopoly. Traps will be in danger of systematic annihilation should this hypothesis prove true.


Scurvy MCMango,

The Tropicarian INstitute

Grand Cayman, CAyman Islands


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