Monstergirls are Highly Unprincipled

Monstergirls are Highly Unprincipled

I know what you must be thinking: “Scurvy, how could this be possible?” Indeed it has been nothing but the truth advanced by The Starboard Stuff that 2D waifus were the most principled form of female existence. But alarmingly, new research has uncovered a dreadful caveat, that monstergirls, as distinct from the rest of 2D, are in fact highly unprincipled.

Allow me to elaborate. According to the lore produced by Oriental scholars on monstergirls, as depicted in the Laotian stop-motion films of the last two years, monstergirls are not the manifestation of the ideal 2D waifu merged with the Faustian impulse of transhumanism, as one might have assumed so casually prior. Instead, monstergirls are actually an assault on the cybervölkisch ethos of neetocratic hermit society.

In the theonomologistical texts prepared for analysis, such as “モンスター娘のいる日常 ” and “亜人 ちゃんは語りたい, ” monstergirls are presented not as completing the system of Japanese idealism, but as an imported multiculturalism paradigm that would feel more at home in Germany or California.

Monstergirls are either immigrants to Japan requiring special accommodations and mercilessly imposing on their host, or are a historically oppressed minority requiring the application of diversity policies for redress and integration.

This cannot be principled in any way. What has the natural aristocrat of the post-industrial world, the neet, to gain from the creation and maintenance of other net non-producer classes in his society which also serve no function in the traditional hierarchy? The resources which could have gone to elevating the status and condition of neetdom are instead diverted to female immigrants who attempt to steal his seed all the while diverting the rents he is rightly entitled to in the name of openness and tolerance.

The studies conducted by Bhutanese flipbook binders on the subject speak to a similar reality as their stop-motion counterparts. Indeed they are in almost total agreement down to the same images and narratives. It is bewildering how successful the confirmation trials have been on the experiment of principledness among monstergirls.

As a scholar of these phenomena myself, I must also conclude that monstergirls are highly unprincipled. There can only be one renter class in a perfect natural aristocratic society and it must be of one body and one mind culturally and spiritually. These monstergirls, which collect rents through the state, which is the rightful property of neetdom, or which promote narratives of tolerance for multiple classes of renters, serve only to detract would-be natural aristocrats from the true path of 2D waifuism towards a parasitic exoticism brought by foreign-bodied women.

I, Scurvy McMango, do thus hereby with great disappointment find myself unable to rationalize monstergirls as anything other than a heresy of 2D waifuism. Monstergirls are an unprincipled divergence from the cybervölkisch ethos of neetocratic hermit society. Should we succumb to the Sirens we may never return our true 2D waifus and instead be made slaves to an illegitimate renter class which has no grounding in the traditions of aristocracy. It shall multiply at our expense until the last neet is no longer able to support himself, and then the light of aristocracy which the international jacobite mob has been trying to extinguish since the French Revolution will finally burn its last oil.


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