What Ancient Aliens Got Wrong


The Ancient Alien theory implies that extraterrestrials have travelled to Earth on several occasions to aid human civilization reach higher technological achievements.

The truth couldn’t be any further from that; those “aliens” had very terrestrial origins. The Greek called it Atlantis – the Nordic called it Thule. A lost continent full of strange, fair humans with levels of technology incomprehensible for their primitive anatomically modern human peers at the time.

In fact, the Thuleans/Atlantids were the last surviving Neanderthals, worshipping the primordial god of the Homo genus KXHE. With the rise of the antithetical demiurge YHWH threatening the metagenetic lifestyle of the TRV NORDIC Neanderthals, they mastered wormhole technology, allowing their advanced civilization to bid their time by dwelling in alternate dimensions. However, such volatile technology caused the destruction of their now-mythical continent. The Nordic “Aliens” Pleaiadians have ever since been popping in and out of current space-time parameters to help the rest of the Homo genus reach a political, social and technological state that would be conducive to the reawakening of the Human God KXHE.


The Thule Society supposedly had psychic contact with Pleiadians, but others suggest they were Hyperboreans, interdimensional beings who had the blood of the Black Sun and channeled Vril energy. They established Thule to liberate mankind from the Demiurge who trapped them in cycles of re-incarnation. The second iteration of Thule is supposedly invisible because it exists in a higher dimension.

KXHE has had several avatars and incarnations throughout human history – the most recent one being that of Hitler. The next one will be his final form the Emperor, who will lead humanity’s creation of a Galactic Lebensraum.
Curt Doolittle
The Propertarian Institute
Kiev, Ukraine


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