I come with dire news….

I come with dire news….

I have done the unthinkable I must find a way out of the madness days seem to blend together I cannot contain myself anymore I have tried to keep quiet But I require assistance  I have taken a trip through time and I was trapped in the time flow vortex I could not get back this is why I have been silent for all this time. to answer the question that will come to all your minds yes the Time police have been after me and Yes I have turned into a rampant homosexual I attempt to keep the urges in check so I can create babies and further the race but alas It becomes harder and harder to fight against it. I need your prayers to moloch, kek Jesus whatever deity can cure me. I fear the end is near while you are reading this I am in the current year Bernie can still win and dildos come standard issue for school children to discover their sexuality among the other issues there is a civil war being caused by NAZBOL sasquatches intent on liberating us. I hope I can eventually escape.

Stay Starboard



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