Time Machine

For once, Bleow Mitz has written something reasonable that I don’t have to pick apart for the drooling masses he sways with his nonsense. I would like to expand upon it, however. His focus is too narrow. Why look so hard at Counter Currents when we can expand our view to the entire Alt Right? I have been saying this for years.

The true objective of the Alt Right is the construction of a time machine.

Strip away the superficial and look at the true essence of the Movement. The Alt Right seeks a return to the forms of the past. They seek the forms of government and the cultural greatness of the past. The enlightened ones seek the removal of the fowl dimension and a more perfect alignment with the forms thereby, but too many are still addicted to our sinful world.

These fools ignore the coming Eclipse of the Memespace over the world. All of them overestimate the importance of the Meatspace. Have babies? “14”? Fools! The Meme War is not just a meme. The future is virtual. The cyborgs of 2040 will look back at your naive ignorance how we look back upon primitive man in caves. Will a baby help you counterhack the brain of a mechanical cephalopod intent on turning you into a homosexual stamp manufacturing robot? No it will not unless it’s already born and you’ve outfitted his ear with the implant spike.

The point is that value is subjective and the marginal utility of a baby in an environment of cyberwar is objectively negative. How are you gonna feed a baby when all money and products are bits on a Google database? You turn the baby into an independent program determined to generate money on Blizzard’s “World of Warcraft” and sell it back to Asians selling them from Internet cafes. Is that practical? Not very, but what other choice would you have?

I’m just saying wait for the virtual baby. It’ll be way easier to manipulate when you need resources while playing “Total War: Reality: this is actually what the internet is now”. A real baby might do something like break morale or betray you or something. They have God given will. The goth loli you buy from the Russian website and plug into your brain implant doesn’t have a soul like that.


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