Time Travel Is Possible- A Response To Greg Johnson


A couple of weeks ago a friend of mine informed me that Greg Johnson was going to deny the possibility of time travel. Sure enough he did. How did he know what Greg was going to do? Because my friend is from the future. Greg reasons that if time travel were real we would have already met people from the future. I’m here to explain why he’s not only wrong, but is in fact hiding a dark secret in plain sight:

1. There are lots of people in psychiatric hospitals who are from the future. Just go ask them.

If all of these people are so crazy then why are they from the future? Explain that.

2. Counter Currents

Currents= flow of time
Counter= time reversal
He’s mocking us right to our faces!

4. Books Against Time

Isn’t it obvious?

3. Homo And The Negro

Homo= male time traveler, could be time cops or sasquatches
Negro= someone arrested by time cops

That’s right. Greg himself is from the future. Counter Currents is a front group for the Chrono Police. I rest my case.


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