Yea, I Eat Too Much

Yea, I eat too much. I get it, you have been reduced to the mental equivalent of a dimwitted 14-year-old and so can’t move past this irrelevant point.

I’m in school and employed part-time. Even if I was a NEET, it would not change the fact that vets take in public money without providing a service that justifies their cost. Nor would it change the fact that investment is a productive activity which benefits society. And, of course, it would not change the fact that an increase in military spending is unwise, which was the initial point of the thread.

But I understand. Addressing these facts would be uncomfortable for you. You would rather talk about me being fat because it provides a momentary distraction from your being completely full of shit. This seems silly to me though since so few people are reading this thread at this point. Everyone still watching is either a vet or already knows that you are being retarded and calling me fat, or telling NEET tales, won’t change that.


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