Blessed Sabbath 3

Blessed Sabbath 3

Bow your heads, heathens. Get ready for the pure, unadulterated truth.

In the Fullness of the Presence is the Love that you require!
In the Fullness of the Presence are the things that you desire!
Therefore, in the following Ascended Master “I AM” Decrees for the release of the supply of all good thing, including money, to all who are constructive, the first requirement of this Ascended Master Law, is to turn the attention FIRST to the “Mighty Beloved I AM Presence” from whence ALL GOOD in the Universe has always come.
Send you intense FEELING of Love and Gratitude to that Source of all Life and Supply! Call for all obstruction in you feeling to be annihilated instantly and the way to be kept open until your Ascension, for an ocean of the supply of all good things – including money, to flood you and your world and all who are constructive forever!
We call to the Great Cosmic Beings – the Great Divine Director, Archangel Michael, Our Beloved Messenger, the Angelic Host, the Forces of Nature and all the Legions of Light – to fire you with Their Feeling of instantaneous fulfillment of your every “I AM” Decree; and with Their Acceptance, Authority and Cosmic Power of the “Light of a Thousand Suns” which compels into your physical appearance world, all and more than you can ever require for your Perfect Upkeep, the Perfect Expansion of this Light, Its Invincible Protection, Its Victorious Defense and Its Quick Over-whelming Onrush that sweeps everywhere in America and the world and annihilates ALL lack from mankind, the earth and its atmosphere forever!
With all our Love, Light and Blessings to all forever!


One thought on “Blessed Sabbath 3

  1. Beautiful prayer hun. I’m glad to have more content on this site like this instead of satan’ smut (futa). God bless, Howard.
    ~Sha-Qu’onda “MosBlessed AngelChile” Washington


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