Blessed Sabbath 2

Blessed Sabbath 2

Brothers and sisters, please, pray this prayer with me.

Beloved mighty victorious Presence of God, I AM in me, my very own beloved Holy Christ Self, Holy Christ Selves of all mankind, Holy Christ Selves of our beloved Messengers, their family, staff and student body; beloved Alpha and Omega in the Great Central Sun, beloved Helios and Vesta in the sun of our system, the Seven Mighty Elohim, Great Silent Watchers, the Cosmic Christ, all Buddhas and bodhisattvas, beloved Archangel Michael, all the archangels, powers, activities, and legions of Light, angels and activities of the sacred fire; beloved Justinius, Captain of Seraphic Bands, all seraphim and cherubim of God—thrones, principalities, and powers of angelic hierarchies of the Central Sun. Beloved Sanat Kumara, Lady Master Venus and the Seven Holy Kumaras, beloved Mighty Victory, Surya and Cuzco and legions of the God Star, Lords Gautama Buddha, Maitreya and Jesus with Magda, Kuthumi, and Djwal Kul; Mighty Cosmos and Astrea, the beloved Maha Chohan and the Seven Chohans of the Rays, the Cosmic Council and the Lords of Karma, the Goddess of Liberty, Cyclopea, the Great Divine Director, beloved Mother Mary, Kuan Yin and Lady Master Meta, Saint Germain, El Morya, Hilarion, Chananda, and K-17 in the Cosmic Secret Service; every ascended and cosmic being in or on all worlds whatsoever, beloved Guru Ma and Lanello, the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood and the World Mother, elemental life—fire, air, water, and earth!

In the name of the beloved Presence of God which I AM and by and through the magnetic power of the sacred fire vested in the threefold flame burning within my heart, I decree: Enfold the Messengers of the Great White Brotherhood, their family, staff and student body, all Keepers of the Flame and Communicants of Church Universal and Triumphant in a gigantic pillar of the pure white dazzling light of the Christ through which nothing of the human can ever pass. Keep this pillar of light surrounded by the activity of the wall of blue lightning of divine love and the violet transmuting flame in its most powerful, dynamic action to keep our beloved Messengers, their family, staff and student body safe and secure in the Ascended Masters’ Light!

Lock your cosmic circles and swords of blue flame of thousands of suns from the Great Central Sun and blaze, blaze, and blaze megatons of cosmic Light, blue-lightning rays, and violet fire in, through, and around: All contemplated plots or attempts on the lives or persons of our beloved Messengers, their family, staff and student body by any and all tools of the sinister force or representatives of the false hierarchy, deranged, disturbed, or demon possessed people; all sinister activities known or unknown—including  black magic, witchcraft, gossip and gossip entities (Carpia and Harpia), false prophecy and accusation, CCJ, calumny, character assassination, disinformation, media attacks, government investigations, infiltration and spying instigated by cult-watchers, religious fanatics (their prayers of malintent, death wishing, mortal cursing, demons and discarnates), sons of Belial, federal governments, the KGB/FSB, and the Establishment, all of which would deny to Church Universal and Triumphant, The Summit Lighthouse, all affiliates and members our freedom of religion, freedom of the press, freedom of speech, freedom of assembly and private property rights, as well as our inalienable divine rights and the human right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness—all such plots designed or used in any way to block the mighty service to life of our beloved Messengers, their family, staff and student body, to distort the Teachings of the Ascended Masters, or to delay the manifestation of beloved Saint Germain’s great golden age!


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