A Word of Friendly Advice

This is a public service announcement. Everyone, I’m here to tell you about ear hygiene and how you can prevent yourself from ending up like me. I don’t often have the courage to admit this, but I have to say it.

I think futa is really, really gay.

Okay I get that futa’s like a trap but it still has a vagina. Why not just get yourself the trap and save yourself the trouble? Any man who has been around women enough will agree with me. Women are gay as hell.

So what exactly are women even for? Some people will tell you they’re for men to have sex with, but those people have yet to prove to me that 3D sex actually exists. The answer must have something to do with cooking meals.

Are you really telling me that you think it’s a good idea to let people as gay as women touch your food ever? That’s asking for trouble. Gay people are gross as hell and will likely infect your food with some sort of gay gene. Have you seen the articles about the staph epidemic in San Francisco? Yeah, dude, women did that probably.

It’s an industry wide problem, really. As far as I can tell, women are involved at basically all levels of food production at relatively high rates. It’s no wonder the gayness has propagated through our society so much. The damn women are touching the food everywhere!

Vote for Hitler because Hitler has vowed to stop women in their tracks. It’s a tragedy that not all women were born to be trad waifus, but somebody has got to isolate us all from the faggotry of the unlucky masses. The only other advice I have is to make sure to clean your ears constantly whenever women are anywhere within several miles of yourself. The homosex spirit gets in through a slow absorption through the ear pussy valves.

Godspeed, my brothers.


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