HAIL brothas

I, Unbuntu, announce you an interpretation of white brotha Julius Evola book “Ride The Tiger”

Mother Africa (land of my forefather) gives to you, white brothers, an example of live as Julius suggest. We live in pre-industrial country. We live as humble farmers and hunters. We have strong tribal culture, as demonic homo Jack Donovan suggest to you. Negus brothers reject civilization not because we are stupid but because we are smart.  When liberalism decays your culture until you are pile of homos dies in AIDs waste we Negus will laugh at you “haha” we will say. “you move beyond hunter/gather society and you die of AIDS, demonic fools.”

We ride our tigers over your AIDs bodies.


This scholarly literary critique written by Bother Unbuntu and transcribed by Sha-qu’onda Washington, Philosophitarian Institute, Dem. Rep. Congo, Africa. Copywrite 2017. 


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