Sasquatch Positive National Bolshevism

Sasquatch Positive National Bolshevism

Marxism did not fail because historical determinism is flawed. It failed because man’s knowledge of the flow of history and the order of the cosmos is limited. What if beings with more knowledge existed, however? It is the contention of several serious scientists that they do.

Most have heard of the legendary Sasquatch. Most don’t realize that these majestic forest apes are actually highly advanced entities capable of time travel. Does this sound incredible? No, not really. Let’s examine the history.

In the 1920s-1930s, Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin had plans to create an army using ape/human hybrids. The experiments were successful. These creatures were educated in the tenants of scientific socialism and became so advanced that they transcended the bounds of space and time. They traveled and scoured the whole of human history and became masters of the universe. After the betrayal of Stalin by (((Khrushchev))) and other proponents of liberalization, this great species found themselves banished in the wilderness of N. America. There they founded the Northwest Front and began the process of building a communal homeland for the white race. This is the esoteric agenda of the ages. God creates man. Man betrays God. God banishes man. Man creates hairy gods. The gods learn everything and teach man the path to utopia. Man no longer needs God.

Is it possible that the benevolent forest beasts are our saviors? Is this the Promethean Mythos personified? Serious researchers think so.


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