Bleow Mitz I’m Calling You Out

Everything you do is heretical and dumb. I posted right where you could see privately that Sasquatch ABSOLUTELY TURNS GAY FROM TIME TRAVEL IF HE’S A MALE. This is not up for debate. Sasquatch is part of the 3D, if he is male and if he time travels he must therefore turn gay. Being a Soviet overman or whatever doesn’t change that. Those are the rules, and they are consistent, and unceasing.

All that baacharu boi seems to have fried your brain and blinded you to the truths of the world. Anybody with more than an ounce of brain matter knows time travel turns men gay. Could you please for once in your life write something true and wholesome that I don’t have to debunk or lynch you for writing? This is way more work than I signed up for when I agreed to help with this project.

The Starboard Stuff is the home of the greatest minds in the anime right, and therefore the entire world. I shouldn’t need to correct people this often. If you don’t know what you’re talking about, don’t write about it. I need all of my fellow authors for this supposedly prestigious site to calm down and stick to their areas of expertise.

Bleow Mitz, you should know better, having time traveled yourself. There is no excuse for this kind of stupidity coming from a supposed expert on the subject. You know what I think? I think you didn’t actually travel through time. You’re a liar. You say  you traveled through time so we’ll forgive you for being  queer, but you were born a queer. Nothing made you this way. Especially damning is the fact that you won’t travel back in time again to be with your homosexual brethren before the onset of HIV/AIDS.

Have some God damn integrity you catboi raping FAGGOT.



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