Appropriate Anime Use

Appropriate Anime Use

It’s no secret that everyone on the alt-right are super secret nazis with moon bases so it should come as no surprise to the lamestream media (thank you dolores for teaching me some hip new conservative lingo) that we can appreciate the artistic animation of our honorary aryan brothers. Anime is much more spiritually fulfilling then the likes of spongebob, compare anything on hamburger TV to the likes of AKIRA and it can’t stand in comparison.

It should also come to no suprise that 2d waifus are pure where as you see the common degenerate 3d woman engaging in obnoxious alcoholism and race mixing. It is healthy to regularly engage in consumption of the japanese art although I MUST STRESS TOO MUCH ANIME CONSUMPTION will irreversibly change you into this Anime WEEB as some of my coauthors can relate to I’m sure sometimes I have felt the dark side of the weeb come over me from time to time.

Pray that in the darkest nights I do not turn into those retched beasts

Stay Starboard Lucas Hilmarsen


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