Cosmic Heat Death Is Surprisingly Hot


Some people think that snuff porn is the height of depravity. You’d have to be a real psychopath to get off to something like that.

Well I’m here to tell you it barely even interests me anymore. Furthermore, people who fap to mass genocides are a dime-a-dozen. Whoa, you fap to Pol Pot? Edgy alert. Might as well go back to looking at Target lingerie ads.

Now when we start talking about global extinction we’re starting to get there. Few things are hotter than a rock hard meteorite pounding Mother Earth until she gushes. The problem is that after awhile the death of billions is really no more tragic than the death of a million or even a couple thousand. It wears you out. Plus, you’re still going to have bugs and vermin and stuff running around after all the large animals are wiped out. Even solar death isn’t going to kill off everything right away. Escaping to another star is always an option if you want to give the victims a glimmer of hope before the next round of global snuffing, but what would really get my rocks off is the total annihilation of matter itself.

They say orgasm is like a mini-death, so logically the death of the universe itself has to be the biggest orgasm ever. I think it works like that.


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