The Inaugeration!

The Inaugeration!

Yesterday we had the swear in of the greatest potential president we could possibly have, I mean he even quoted BANE from batman. This is truly monumental for us.Although there has been some great highlights crazy snowflake screaming. Antifa and various Anarchists went crazy as soon as the announcement happened.

Smashing windows doing damages to Starbucks which is ironic considering they probably support antifa’s politics of diversity and homosexuality. Anarchists are literally nonsensical retards that usually demand more government intervention even though they are supposed to be against all government and yet they are literally indistinguishable from other leftist mobs of genetic rejects that would have been cast from the tops of cliffs as babies in more sensible societies.

Our hero as seen in our articles Gods Among Men? was punched in the face by masked scum who sucker punched him and ran away (Attack by antifa)
he assures us he is doing alright of course no mere scumbag mortal could hurt him.
That masked man should be scared of what retribution is coming if the golden god himself were to find out who you were. The best outcome we could expect in this administration is if trump full fills what he has said he will do. and another added thing.


Now we must go back to celebrating this monumental victory although there are rumors abound that Bernie can still win….

With that I leave you with the song of kek WE DID IT SHADILAY

Stay Starboard

The most implicit election to date.

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