Shave Me Dr. Morris

>sleeping at night

>feel furry weight on your torso

>feel warm gel on chest, sensation of it spreading around by small soft implement

>awake to feeling of razor being carefully glided across your chest

>you lock eyes with Dr. Morris

>he stops for a second, staring back

>at last you understand and close your eyes to go back to sleep

>Dr. Morris wordlessly returns to his work

this happened to me last night


>eating breakfast at table

>feel something tickle my leg

>look under table

>Dr. Morris is putting shaving cream on my leg

>give him a nod and resume eating breakfast

>Dr. Morris finishes up while I eat the last of my eggs


>driving my car

>feel a tickle on the back of my neck

>look in the rear view mirror

>Doctor Morris is in the back seat

>let him shave my neck while I head to work

>perfectly smooth by the time I pull in to work

>Dr. Morris did his job perfectly again


>Stop in urinal to pee

>focused on wall ahead

>feel a gental lathering around my dick

>look down

>Doctor Morris stares back at me

>I nod and resume peeing

>I feel so young without my pubes

>thank you Dr Morris



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