Gods Among Men

Gods Among Men

Once upon a time heroes were born these men may have been known as Hercules, King Arthur, Jason and the Argonauts, and Beowulf now you may read these and think to yourself what do they all have in common well for one thing what do these men all have in common. for one they are all Europeans. Well fret not we too (Americans) have our own heroes of past the likes of Davy Crockett, Jim Bowie, I would also argue to include Lewis and Clark. Now all of these men have things in common is that they inspired and achieved greatness and their tales were written down to inspire a future generation of men to act and make choices that would impact not only themselves but generations to come. you might ask yourself with the rise of technology what heroes do we have? What men do we have that we can look to for guidance and leadership?

Well heroes are forged through trials and we see their real character when they are confronted. Now the struggle of the media may be different then the struggles of the olden times, but none the less being brave in front of cameras and scrutiny is not something to take lightly as we have seen countless republicans cuck for the “acceptable narrative” Now you may ask where I am going with this article well this article is meant to introduce you to a modern hero of our time Richard Spencer. You might also ask “Lucas what has he done that has been heroic” well a simply youtube search of his name will reveal countless times he has taken on the media with a very stoic figure ready for anything with witty comebacks to boot. If you would like a real way to summarize this article and reach your own conclusion watch the Texas A&M video in which he decimates countless leftists on their failed rhetoric and dreadful logic. He struck fear into his enemies by making them seek safe spaces and attempt to ban him from speaking in public I also suggest watching his NPI video which can be seen. (NPI) I also suggest watching the other speakers great stuff.


The last and final part of this article is heroes tend to be men who women want to be with and men want to be. This can be seen by the resurgence in the “jugend” or “spencer” haircut amongst men of the alt right. That settles the first part of the statement now what about the 2nd? well if you happen to watch any interview of our hero with women reporters they display body language of flirtation and if that isn’t proof enough check this article “stop being horny for Richard Spencer”. It is clear this man is a excellent role model for many in the alt-right and I hope he continues to be intellectually compelling and have a snazzy fashion sense for the time to come. It would do our movement good to be as attractive and stoic as Richard Spencer.

a Greek God already accepting his role to save humanity.

Stay Starboard
Lucas Hilmarsen


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