Why Conservatism Is Needed

Why Conservatism Is Needed

Hello all!

Dolores Hazel Milton here. I’ve missed my audience more than you can imagine. I’d like to talk to you today about the self-degradation  of our society, and how only conservatism, real conservatism, that of Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush, and Margaret Thatcher, is what our country needs to right its course.

There are two primary forces that pull upon the heart of man. That of the base animal, and that of a higher nature. I like to think that man knows what is right and wrong, and that whether or not man does good is solely a function of which pull he allows to himself to submit to. Our society is one in which unborn children are aborted by the millions, in which crime is allowed to run rampant, in which drug use is not only accepted, but condoned.

This sad state is caused primarily by a lack of love for G-d and mankind. There is only one political philosophy (out of the two that exist) that loves G-d and the United States. That is conservatism. The father that Americans drift from America’s small government roots, the worse off we seem to get! Barack Obama has doubled the national debt, and all we have to show for it are kids who won’t pull their pants up and listen to the latest songs about violence, hatred, and racism. If we want to fix the problems, we need to rediscover our love for G-d and America.

I still believe that America has the ability to be the shining light on a hill that Ronald Reagan talked about. The two proudest days of my life were when I stepped into the voting booth and voted for the man who saved this country from Jimmy Carter. While Trump may be the President, we still have a h*ck of a lot of work left to do! We need to tell kids to get a job. We need to tell single moms to stop using up all of our food stamps. We need to make sure that the youths are pulling their pants up and going to church. Together, we can make America the country that it was always meant to be! Israel is counting on us! Let’s do it together!

God bless,



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