Fanmail Friday (Tuesday edition)

I know it’s a break from out weekly tradition but the fanmail just keeps rolling in and boy have I got a couple of juicy prime cuts that I can’t wait to sink my teeth into.

The first comes from long time reader Dickgirl Kermit.

Take this green fuckhole, daddycat!

In response to DK’s message I would like to point out that nobody by the name of “daddycat” writes here. But rest assured that once we find him we will pass on your details so that he can collect the offered goods. As an aside and somewhat of a criticism, your lack of pickup point for said goods does make the whole process difficult. Maybe consider that for future transactions.

The next piece of fanmail comes from a first time reader by the moniker of “YaGirl”

She Writes

I’m feeling generous so: My snap is open for the next 2 hours, (if you send me a dick pic I will block you) come get to know me! Don’t ask me for a picture, that’s what my story is for

Update: I had breast reduction surgery on Tuesday and am currently trying to recover so I won’t be going outside for the next few weeks.

Edit: I don’t care if you’re a butt or boob guy, if you’re into blondes or brunettes, if you like hair long or short. I didn’t ask and I’ll never ask bc that’s not important and you’ll either like me for my personality or you’ll move along. This ain’t a build-a-bitch factory.

Well first of all we wish you a speedy recovery on your cosmetic surgery (Though she’s in no state to be asked, I would assume Delores sends a prayer).

Also my dear lady, good for you on not changing your look to suit others.

Marvelous resolve if I do say so myself and wouldn’t you know it? I just did.

We here at TSS respect greatly a woman who stands her ground. Having an audience (as we at TSS well know) and pleasing them without compromising one’s integrity is difficult.

It is with deep regret that I cannot accept this offer myself as surgery scars are INDEED my fetish, but with that fact in tow, so is sending low resolution digital photographs of my todger to strangers. If you would simply loosen you policy on receipt of photographic tallywhacker lewds we might well have had a transaction.

Though I and my suitably sized Savaloy wish you well in your future endeavors.


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