The Cate Pill

You started out on the Blue Pill. You were blissfully ignorant of reality and held the same feelgood, lefty opinions representative of your generation.

Then you took the Red Pill. You recognized the reality of race and named the Jew. You lost your old circle of friends, but found new ones online.

Then you became depressed. You realized we couldn’t win. You took the Black Pill and slit your wrists.

After entering intensive care, your dad called you a pussy and made you get a job. You took the Dad Pill and started criticizing the under 30 crowd.

Then you couldn’t find a waifu. You realized becoming a dad wasn’t likely. You came to resent women. You took the St.Germain Pill and lost 40 IQ points. You started roaming the bad part of town and sought out hookers. You killed them.

You ended up in prison and encountered a strange man dressed as a cat. He told you about KXHE and you accepted the truth. You were delivered from your pain. Your flaws faded away as you became WOKE. You took the Cat Pill.


This is you in two forms you stupid faggot.



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