Rascals The Bane Of Humanity

During my monthly hikes I was out in the woods yesterday and I stumbled across an animal from which the likes I had never seen. It had a very distinct smell (which was not pleasant I might add. It had a smell like piss and vinegar very similar to what has been describes as the Isle of Man from another one of our authors perhaps the animal comes from that specific place? No one can know for sure until more scientific studies can be undertaken about said beast.

Unlike the manx this animal enjoys rotten smells and revels in it, So far this is no known defense against a Rascal attack it will come in the night or sneak up on you during the day and sink its sharp teeth into your neck. and by the time you feel those teeth sink you know its over so far there has only been one incident of having a rascal as a pet and it was swiftly put down as it was uncontrollable and attacked everyone present. Luckily I was able to survive through swift planning and training in the art of escape I hope our readers never have to encounter such a beast.

The one time a rascal was on a talk show beware viewer for graphic violence.

Stay Starboard
Lucas Hilmarsen



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